The daughter of Gennady Bachinsky: “For me, dad’s alive”

Дочь Геннадия Бачинского: «Для меня папа жив» 10 years ago, died suddenly famous emcee. On the eve of the tragic anniversary of the death of Gennady Bachinsky was his heiress, Katya has told about the last meeting with his father, and also explained why not communicate with your sister.
Дочь Геннадия Бачинского: «Для меня папа жив»

On that fateful day, January 12, 2008, a 36-year-old radio host was coming from the city of Kashin, Tver region, where the day before I bought an apartment in the capital, to his wife Julia and two-month daughter Lisa. 35 kilometers from the border of Moscow region on overtaking the car Bachinsky has brought, and she collided with a minibus. Gennady died on the spot… Besides the wife and baby Lisa didn’t wait for mom Nina afanasevna, for which he has acquired the living space, to move from his native city yarovoe Altai Krai closer to him, and 12-year-old daughter Katya.

After the funeral of a loved one, his relatives are unable to find a common language in 2010, Nina afanasevna has sued the second wife of Gennady Julia, at that time newly married. The subject of debate was the apartment in Cascina, which Julia, joining the legacy, seized the mother of the deceased husband. On the eve of the 10th anniversary of the death of Bachinsky his daughter Kate said the “StarHit” that their family is finally at peace: the ill-fated real estate sold, and the amount of the proceeds divided equally between Nina Afanasyevna and Julia.

Kate, when my parents broke up, you were only a year and a half. Felt that growing up in a single-parent family?
Дочь Геннадия Бачинского: «Для меня папа жив»No. And although my father lived in Moscow, and my mother – in St. Petersburg, he twice in a month came, we went to the Park, entertainment venues, movie. In addition, helped my mom financially, never in anything I didn’t refused, and asked if I could buy an expensive toy or a new dress. Even if appeared on the threshold of the apartment tired, I only had to yell “Horse!”, he got up on all fours, I climbed to his back, and dad started jumping around the room. —
Remember the last meeting?
Дочь Геннадия Бачинского: «Для меня папа жив»Unfortunately, vague. But it is well preserved in memory as I was waiting for him in two weeks, and he has not appeared. The accident happened on Saturday, and on Sunday daddy had to come to Peter. The next day after he died, I, not knowing about the tragedy, went, offended by his father. Mom, of course, was aware of the incident, but was pulled – didn’t tell me. On the question of whether to wait for it today, said no. I am even more angry and decided that he postponed our meeting because of work. And only in the evening mother said: “Katya, daddy will never come.” Now these words seem to me terrible, but then, at the age of 12, I react to the bitter news as if it where-that departed. I still don’t believe in his death. Believe father is alive, exists somewhere, we just don’t see, and I can’t call him… Sometimes mentally talking with him. Throw any trick and sigh: “Oh, you should see what he’s doing your daughter”.
Дочь Геннадия Бачинского: «Для меня папа жив»
How mother coped with grief?
Дочь Геннадия Бачинского: «Для меня папа жив»When of course, I mean not filed. Her tears I saw only once – at the funeral. As an adult, I realized that it was not easy to hold.—
I bet she says you look like daddy. At least on the outside…
Дочь Геннадия Бачинского: «Для меня папа жив»And not only! Even facial expressions and gestures. When pout, offended by something, look askance, mother or grandmother exclaim: “just like Gene!” I even hold the spoon just like it. My boyfriend Fyodor, with whom we together 4.5 years, who look like dad – face, figure, gait, sense of humor. —
What you have left from the father’s memory?
Дочь Геннадия Бачинского: «Для меня папа жив»Jerseys. My mother and I still go to them.—
When you were ten, dad got married again. Have you spoken to Julia?
Дочь Геннадия Бачинского: «Для меня папа жив»Yes, there were a couple of times. Her mother even once looked after me.
Дочь Геннадия Бачинского: «Для меня папа жив»
After the tragedy, kept in touch?
Дочь Геннадия Бачинского: «Для меня папа жив»No. Julia hasn’t called me, and I do too. —
And her daughter Liza? She’s your sister.
Дочь Геннадия Бачинского: «Для меня папа жив»Did not have friendship… ‘ve only Met twice, even when dad was alive. —
Nina afanasevna communicate with Julia after the settlement of the situation with the apartment?
Дочь Геннадия Бачинского: «Для меня папа жив»Not to say that they get along well, but my grandmother loves Lisa, and so all these years, often called Julia and asked, how’s granddaughter. She remained to live in the Altai, once a year I go to visit her. And Skype used to talk. —
He and my mom supported your decision to become a specialist in adaptive physical education for people with disabilities?
Дочь Геннадия Бачинского: «Для меня папа жив»Yes, although initially I didn’t even think that I would choose the same profession. Dreamed of becoming a journalist. But suddenly filed documents in the University of physical culture and sports. Lesgaft and entered in the budget Department. Now finishing the fourth course, parallel to train some special kids in the fitness center, the Newton. I think dad would approve of what their future profession will allow me to help those who brutalized life.