Дочь Апиной рассказала об отношениях с мамой и идеальном мужчине 16-year-old Ksenia opened the heart with journalists. The heiress Alena’s Epinoy not going to make music. The girl wants to go to the surgery Department in medical University and meet the same soulmate.

For nearly 30 years, Alena Apina is one of the most popular artists on the national scene. The star was able to build a solo career after leaving the group “the Combination”, and its songs are still popular and loved.

The only daughter of actress Xenia rarely gives interviews. The girl notes that, far from show business and never wanted to get on stage. And yet recently, she made an exception. The heiress to the singer told, how to develop her relationship with the star mother.

“My mother does not like. She takes everything very personally, and I think even support can’t. Max can say: “Calm down, everything will be fine”, in other words I can not find”, – said Kseniya.

Despite the difference of characters, the girl had a good relationship with her mother. Ksenia emphasizes that the famous singer, always finds time to attend school events and in preparing for exams.

Very soon the successor of the actress will have to pass the exam. Ksenia said that have long defined specialty. She wants to dedicate her life to medicine.

“To study eight years, but I love it. Even thought of becoming a Director, but in eighth grade, decided on the choice of profession”, – said the girl.

But the desire to become famous heiress star mom never had. Kseniya notes that even for school the morning she was embarrassed to go on stage. Alena Apina has also always stressed that the work of the artist is too complex and probably not suitable for her daughter.

The heiress stars close not only with mother but with the father. She told me that she often travels with dad to France to go skiing. However, to comment on the divorce of his parents, Kseniya refused, as the subject is still painful for her.

Now girl more than anything, dreams of entering the University. She has no plans to get married, but hopes to someday meet the perfect man. “I just dream of a large beautiful house, and the man who will be there. In principle, this is all you need for happiness,” said Xenia in an interview with PeopleTalk.