Дочь Элвиса Пресли попала в рехаб

The daughter of Elvis Presley Lisa Marie Presley was in a specialized clinic. Woman in need of treatment for alcohol and drug addiction. Insiders claim that she “need serious expert help to cope with the. what’s going on in her life.

Last month it became known that Lisa had filed for divorce from her husband and father to his children Michael Lokuta. It turned out that during the years of their marriage the husband almost let them in the world, spending millions, earned her legendary father right and left. They had been married for just over a decade. Specialized clinic The Hills Treatment Center, which contacted the daughter of Elvis, is located in Los Angeles. Stay in it will cost Lisa Maria to 400 thousand dollars per month, but she is willing to pay the money, if only it could help.
“Over the past few years, Lisa Marie too launched herself and her life, now she needs serious help to get back on his feet”— said the insider.
Sources close to the family of Lisa and Michael, claim that drink and take drugs, she began to walk away from reality – the atmosphere in the family was very unhealthy.
“Michael often insulted her, and rebuked in all, shame for being fat. Sometimes they fought so that Lisa Marie felt like a punching bag. She dwelt constantly under stress and found comfort in cocaine, sedative drugs, marijuana and alcohol..”— said the insider.
Now she hired a personal detox team, who will individually work with her.
“It will not be easy, but she’s ready for it. She needs to get on the right path for the sake of daughters,” the source said.

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