Дочь Элвиса Пресли и её муж продают дом

On the eve of the court hearings on the divorce, the only daughter of the king of rock and roll Elvis Presley, Lisa-Marie and her husband Michael Lockwood sell the family nest.

Дочь Элвиса Пресли и её муж продают дом
Recall that the woman learned that her husband ten years of marriage, almost let the wind all mnogomillionnoi condition, earned by her father. He bought expensive guitars, miscellaneous, musical equipment, and if not for a lawsuit from Amex about 109 thousand in debt, she would not know about the gifts of her husband, which he did himself. For this reason, she filed for divorce and is now demanding sole custody of twin daughters Harper and Finley.
“Michael Lockwood has left her in a terrible financial and emotional state, she can’t wait in her life will be quiet life without it,” — said the insider. By the way, the marriage to Lisa-Marie and Michael, four for women, was far from serene – Lockwood was a domestic tyrant, constantly degrading and reproached her. Stealing money was only the last straw in the patience of women.

Lisa-Maria now in dire need of money and even moved to his father’s house-Museum, which is going to close. Your home Michael Dolen was to be a family nest Presley put up for sale for 4.5 million dollars. The vast estate in East Sussex in 2010 was worth 9 million dollars. The couple spared no expense to convert it into a heaven on earth, no one thought that the house would soon have to sell.
The large main house has eleven bedrooms, a billiard room, an entertainment complex with a cinema and a cocktail bar, three swimming pools, a guest cottage and much more.
“This house she sells for an amount that is significantly below its real value. I think she just really need the money. It was the home of their husband’s dreams, and now it’s her Heartbreak Hotel” — say the neighbors of Lisa Maria.
“She used to say that never and will never sell this house, now can’t wait to finally get rid of him. Too many bad memories” — said the insider.
Recall also that Lisa-Marie was determined to start life with a clean slate, and for that we turned to the experts rehab’s. Presley hired a team of professionals who will make sure that she got rid of alcohol and drug addiction.

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