The daughter of Dmitry Tarasov went in the footsteps of stepmother

Дочь Дмитрия Тарасова пошла по стопам мачехи The first wife of athlete Oksana Ponomarenko has informed fans that the nine-year-old angelina Tarasova career in the modeling business. The girl has tried on different looks for photo shoots. On the style of the baby employs a team of professionals.
Дочь Дмитрия Тарасова пошла по стопам мачехи

Oksana Ponomarenko gave birth to the footballer Dmitry Tarasov daughter angelina in mid-2009. A few years later their marriage broke up. Soon the athlete is married to TV presenter Olga Buzova, which has already managed to get a divorce almost two years ago.

Last wife Tarasova was Anastasia Kostenko. This summer in a new family of player will be born another child. Anastasia – in the past, successful Russian model, the second “Vice-miss Russia 2014” and the participant of the international beauty contest “Miss world”. Even during pregnancy Kostenko sometimes posing in front of cameras by professional photographers.

A daughter from his first marriage to footballer angelina decided to go into modeling. The first successes of the girls appreciated netizens. Many noted that the successor player is very beautiful and photogenic.

Дочь Дмитрия Тарасова пошла по стопам мачехи “Vintage photography for DanElli kids,” shared the mom of a little model.

We will remind that Dmitry went with Oksana in 2011. Despite separation from his first wife, the player continues to devote time to the child and involved in his upbringing. Ex-spouse does not preclude meeting the girls father. The athlete even reported “StarHit” that her daughter is getting along with his third wife Anastasia. “They saw angelina a couple of times and normally communicate,” admitted Tarasov.

Oksana actively maintains a blog on Instagram, which often shares his opinion about different events and consults with followers. Sometimes a woman answers questions from subscribers. So, once she commented on the creativity of the second wife Tarasov Olga Buzova. Ponomarenko said that is good to the presenter and aspiring singer. It follows the activities of a celebrity. “I have no OLE, no offense, quite the contrary”, – said Oksana.

With regard to the current lady of Dmitry Tarasov, with whom he legitimized the relationship in January of this year, Oksana does not want to speak about a new relationship player. Dmitry Tarasov and Anastasia Kostenko: “We want lots of kids”