The daughter of Dmitry Haratyan went to the groom abroad

Дочь Дмитрия Харатьяна уехала к жениху за границу The famous actor and his wife talked heart-to-heart with the host of the program “on a visit in the morning,” Maria Shukshina. Dmitry Kharatyan spoke about what his children. As it turned out, the eldest heir to the stars Alexander moved to the chosen one in Sweden.
Дочь Дмитрия Харатьяна уехала к жениху за границу

The hero of the new edition of the program “to visit In the morning” became Dmitry Kharatyan. People’s artist of Russia met lead program Maria Shukshin at home together with his wife Marina and 20-year-old son Ivan. “Our morning starts differently. Vanya lives in the building, it is located in the left wing of our house. It may start a day. He is a student, and sometimes living in the Dorm”, — said the actor. As it turned out, Dmitry writes wife SMS, warning about what is going to get up.

Eldest daughter Kharatyan 34 years. Alexander graduated from University majoring in “Finance and banking”, she has a red diploma.

“Sasha is personal life. Went to Sweden, her fiance is a foreigner. Will live there and, as I understand it, is going to have a family and have children”, — said Dmitry.
Дочь Дмитрия Харатьяна уехала к жениху за границу

The actor’s wife Marina added that familiar with the alleged son-in-law. “A wonderful guy, an excellent cook. He lived with us, and we became friends. Remember that Sasha was worried about how dad would react. I said, “Bring to us, let him live with us, but time will tell.” In General, we all fell in love with him. Tall, handsome. He is a fitness instructor, and the main work for a construction company. Drove us out to the lawn to do push-UPS,” Kharatyan said the wife.

Dmitri grows very creative. “He gushes, is playing!” — shared by his mother. According to parents, young man a little shy, but is required to be revealed in the future. At the moment Ivan is studying to be a Director.

“He prepared, worked with Tutors, took classes for about a year. When he arrived, we were so excited. I told him: “Vanya, finally! You dad ever filmed”. And he said, “Never,” said the wife of the artist, laughing.

After hearing mom, Ivan Kharatyan said that will definitely remove the parents in his film, but it is still too early. “I need to learn how to shoot,” explained the son of a famous artist.

Maria Shukshina asked the actor what he’d taught his grandchildren. “Watch over your loved ones take their example. Not only positive. It is very important to observe, remember, record and analyze,” said Dmitry. Spouse star held it. “A child learns what he sees in the house,” she said.

Recall that Marina Maiko became the second wife of Dmitry Haratyan. In this marriage the actor was born the son of Ivan. The eldest daughter of the stars Alexander appeared in his relations with Marina Borisovoi, with whom he studied at the Higher theatre school named after Schepkin. The couple divorced in 1988.

Дочь Дмитрия Харатьяна уехала к жениху за границу