The daughter of Dmitry Haratyan “escaped” from Russia for the groom-the foreigner

Дочка Дмитрия Харатьяна «сбежала» из России ради жениха-иностранца
The actor told how’re-in-law.

Дочка Дмитрия Харатьяна «сбежала» из России ради жениха-иностранца

Maria Shukshina, Dmitry Kharatyan, as well as his wife Marina and his son Ivan

Photo: Social networks

The eldest daughter of Dmitry Haratyan busy settling down in Europe. As it became known, 34-year-old Alexander recently moved to live in Sweden, where her husband. The heiress decided to connect his life with a foreigner and ready for him to radically change his life. In Russia, it will be family and friends, but a girl in love, so nothing stops it.

Kharatyan is true for daughters is positive. Some time ago he met her future son-in-law. “She went to Sweden, her fiance is a foreigner. Will live there and, as I understand it, is going to have a family and have children,” — said Dmitry in the “to visit In the morning” with Maria Shukshina. Fiance daughter some time ago visited the home of Haratyan and during that time managed to conquer all the family members of Dmitry, including the actor. Alexander chose a husband of an employee of a construction company in his spare time moonlighting as a fitness instructor.

Alexander Kharatyan with the groom

Photo: the Frame of the program “to visit In the morning”

“A wonderful guy, an excellent cook. He lived with us, and we became friends. Remember that Sasha was worried about how dad would react. I said, “Bring to us, let him live with us, but time will show”, — says Marina, the wife of Dimitri.

The actor is also 20-summer son Ivan. The young man grew up with a copy of his famous father, but “to glow on the screen” does not want. Son Kharatyan studying to be a Director and hopes to make a film with Papa in the title role.