The daughter of Bruce Willis offended by photoshop

Дочка Брюса Уиллиса обиделась на фотошоп
Rumer called for a boycott of his photoshoot in the magazine.

Дочка Брюса Уиллиса обиделась на фотошоп

Rumer Willis


27-year-old actress and
model Rumer Willis, daughter of Bruce Willis and demi Moore, was badly hurt and
disappointed after seeing their pictures printed in the magazine “Vanity Fair”. The fact that all frames
photo shoot made for this edition, turned out to be almost unrecognizable
processed in photoshop. Most of all, the girl was outraged that the photographer allowed
yourself to radically change the oval of her face.

The fact that Rumer
inherited from his father “willed” and is clearly too heavy for women jaw. However,
daughter of Willis long ago learned to accept myself for who she is and not
to get a complex about it. And her self-confidence, as can be seen, transmitted and
other people, in any case, many believe that Rumer interesting
appearance. Daughter of Willis not without
success in films, moonlights as a model. Rumer debuted on Broadway in
the musical “Chicago,” and critics described her experience as very successful. And last
year, paired with Val Chmerkovskiy, the girl managed to become a winner
the American version of the TV show “Dancing with the stars”. That is her career
fared quite well. Not Rumer and deprived of male attention. She had
quite a lot of Boyfriends, but in the past two years, she meets up with a young
cute actor Ricky Whitlam.

However, despite all the achievements Rumer,
photographer Vanity
decided that for his editions of the girl looks not glamorous and “virtual”
reduced her jaw almost doubled. Besides, he didn’t even put Rumer in
aware of the fact that he was going to do. Seeing the photo, my daughter
Willis was seriously offended. “I will ask all my friends and fans to boycott
these pictures and distribute them online. I find the actions of the photographer
offensive. I like how I look and don’t need such tricks. I
don’t know, realizes it made photos or not, but it is their actions
I was humiliated. And I’m not going to put up with it!” — posted by Rumer on her
a page in a social network. However, whether Rumer to apply for your
abuser in court, is still unknown.

Rumer Willis at Vanity Fair magazine.

Photo: @ruelarue(Instagram Rumer Willis)

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