The daughter of Bruce Willis and demi Moore became a man

Дочь Брюса Уиллиса и Деми Мур стала мужчиной

Halloween ended nearly a week ago, but the discussion of the outfits the stars wore at the various theme parties is still ongoing. Earlier we told you about cloning yourself Heidi Klum. Now let’s discuss the 25-year-old daughter of demi Moore and Bruce Willis Scout.

Дочь Брюса Уиллиса и Деми Мур стала мужчиной

The girl, along with her younger sister Tallulah is an active participant of the movement “Free the nipple” (“Free The Nipple”). Sister on embarrassed naked in public, because the choice of costume for Halloween Scout tried in what itself not to limit including in a demonstration of his body.

One evening, the Scout was a guy named Scott with a very hairy chest.

The girl turned into a long-haired bearded man with thick vegetation on the body. To do this, the Scout has generously put artificial the hairs on his bare chest. Photographed with a naked torso in the manner of Scott, Scout has published a few photos in his microblog on Instagram.

Agree, it looked very strange and even disgusting.