Дочь Брюса Ли требует 30 миллионов долларов компенсации от фаст-фуда

Дочь Брюса Ли требует 30 миллионов долларов компенсации от фаст-фуда

The successor to the legendary actor Bruce Lee Shannon often gets in the scandal. For example, recently she decided that she could publicly criticize Quentin Tarantino. On the same day Shannon filed a lawsuit in the court of the Chinese fast-food chain, which, in its opinion, illegally uses the image of her famous father. The daughter of Bruce Lee demands moral compensation of $ 30 million.

In the lawsuit, Shannon Lee requires that the network of fast food has stopped using the logo with the image of her father. On all of these eateries is the man in the yellow shirt in the famous battle pose that is very reminiscent of Bruce Lee. Of course, Shannon believes that this is unacceptable, and since she had to deal with this matter alone, wants damages.

Representatives of well-known Chinese fast food came out publicly, after heard about this news. They explained that the logo was officially certified by the local authorities, they gave them their permission to the man in the yellow shirt. Moreover, the company decided to officially register your logo 15 years ago, and to date, no claims have been received.

The defendant said that the whole company was very surprised, because the logo sees the whole of China for more than 15 years, and only now appeared the claim. While they can’t say anything about this, but I assure you that their lawyers will work to understand such a complex issue. The defendant promised to talk to the press, when will be known at least some details.

$ 30 million is no small amount of moral damages, therefore, it is unlikely the court will accept such conditions the Shannon. Perhaps fast-food chain will have to pay damages, but the amount designated by a court decision.

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