The daughter of Boris Khimichev is fighting for the recognition of kinship with him

Дочь Бориса Химичева борется за признание родства с ним Darya Ganicheva is trying to prove that she was indeed the heiress of the actor. Boris Khimichev died two years ago due to cancer. The man had a huge fortune, but she is not seeking to get real estate.

      Дочь Бориса Химичева борется за признание родства с ним

      Two years ago a well-known actor of theatre and cinema Boris Khimichev died after a long battle with cancer. The man has heirs – adopted daughter from his marriage to Galina Sizova Elena and Daria who did a DNA test to prove his kinship. After leaving the artist’s life, he left the property – huge house on a hectare of land, the Villa in Spain and Cyprus, as well as a large apartment in the center of Moscow.

      27-year-old girl Darya Ganicheva for two years trying to prove that she is a native daughter of a famous actor. For this she decided to do a DNA test. Daria is upset that daughter-in-Himicheva don’t perceive it as a relative of the stepfather.

      “I want to regain my good name, to restore justice,” Ganicheva said.
      Дочь Бориса Химичева борется за признание родства с ним

      However, some friends of the actor have questioned the truthfulness of the words of the girl. Buddy Himicheva Sergei Kramorenko said that he never heard about his daughter, the artist did not share with him such information. However, other close friends of Boris Petrovich’s claim that the man hinted that he is growing native child – he gave her the car and globalsa that she hardly spoke with him.

      “Yes, he offended me. I work in the theatre, I have little time,” she admitted.

      Friends of the family Himicheva said that all the property was earned by Galina Vasilievna, his daughter Lena and her husband Yuri. According to close friends of the actor, he really wanted the family to accept his own heiress and treated her with respect.

      Дочь Бориса Химичева борется за признание родства с ним

      Mother Darya Ganicheva Lydia also appeared in the Studio and said that she and her daughter do not claim the property of men, and only want to protect his good name.

      “We talked until the last day, – says the woman. We kept telling. 25 years he communicated with his daughter. We lived on their money if he helped, only from the heart. We never talked about inheritance. We are not here to divide the property, let it remain on their conscience. I want all recognized her daughter Himicheva. If he recognized, I want it to be recognized!”

      Presenter Boris korchevnikov sounded in the Studio, the results of the DNA test. As it turned out, 99.9% Daria is the daughter of Boris Petrovich. However, the lawyer who has the original will, refused to give details of the last expression.

      “All his property he bequeathed to Elena Dmitrievna. I can show the document only after the court finds Daria daughter only if birth certificate is written that she is his daughter,” – said Valentina Shtukaturova.