The daughter of Boris Galkin was born prematurely

Дочь Бориса Галкина родилась раньше срока

70-year-old actor Boris Galkin became a participant of the program “Tonight”, which officially confirmed the birth of his daughter. His wife Inna razumihina gave the star a daughter, but the baby was born early.

Дочь Бориса Галкина родилась раньше срока

The actor was not publicized good news, because the baby was born premature. The girl was born in July. Friends figure of cinema and theatre who were present that day in the Studio was pleasantly surprised by the news. “My daughter was born on July 30. My wife especially did not spread about the pregnancy, as the attempt was not the first, very worried. Anna was born prematurely, but is now catching up with their peers by weight. At birth weighed almost three pounds. We were afraid to frighten off good luck, so didn’t say anything” — confessed Boris Sergeyevich.

Irina admitted that was not the only one trying to have a baby. When hope started to fade, she could get pregnant. The wife of an actor does not hide that would love her son, but Boris was expecting a baby of any sex. The baby was named Anna. Her dad confessed that after the birth of the child began to feel really young. He wants to live as long as possible, to walk his daughter down the aisle. Razumihin’s thought will refer to children as grandchildren because of his age, but a husband and wife become “younger” in the shower.

“My wife Alla, too, became a mother at a later age. Remember told me that probably will treat children as grandchildren. And then, when they were born, there was a sharp fracture. She immediately became a mother,” recalls Boris.

Anna was the first biological child comedian, but Galkin was not the first time tried to imagine the role of the father. In the past he adopted and raised heirs to his third wife Elena Demidova. “Vladislav and Maria have always been my family. They are my children, and this topic is not discussed”, — confessed Boris.

Дочь Бориса Галкина родилась раньше срока

Could not stop talking about the death of an adopted son of Vladislav Galkin. The actor was shocked by the loss, it was fond of the boy. “We got acquainted with Vlad when he was ten years old. He was a very talented actor. I was with him that tragic day. He always said that if will fall, the next will be the hands of his father. And I wasn’t. Sometimes I really blame myself for it” — shared his feelings with viewers, the actor.

Now the actor is happily married to Irina and thinks their bond is very strong. Despite the fact that at the beginning of a romantic relationship with her, he was still with Elena Demidova, their marriage still exists. Now, the couple pays all of her time to raising babies. The actor admitted that they do not Lisp with my daughter. He said that after the birth of her daughter rethink some values and look at life differently.