Дочь Антона и Виктории Макарских записала первую песню Three-year Masha sang about a successful marriage is love. The successor of Anton and Victoria Makarska talents went to their famous parents. Little Mary demonstrates a great ear for music and singing.

      The star couple, Anton and Victoria Makarska grow two charming and such long-awaited children. The eldest daughter of the spouses Maria, who for three years, was born in the fourteenth year of the marriage of Anton and Victoria. Two years later the couple had their second child, a son Vanya. The kids have completely changed the lives of their parents, making them incredibly happy.

      Three-year Masha made her debut as a singer but only in the microblogging their celebrity moms and dads. Victoria Makarska recorded on video as the girl sings, was published to the delight of many fans. A small voice very carefully she removes the song from the famous cartoon “flying ship”.

      “And I don’t want don’t want. And I love, love want. Freedom, freedom give me freedom. I bird skyward fly!”, – Mary sings in the video, mimicking the manner of the Princess from a fairy tale.

      “Sweet! Sings so sweet! You can listen to endlessly!”, “What a Charmer”, “the Impossible beauty! So love your family! Just heart rejoices,” touched by the story subscribers microblog Makarska.

      It is obvious that three year old girl inherited the musical talents of his parents. Mary has a good ear, in addition, it shows that he has vocal talent. It is not excluded that Maria will soon take the stage along with mum and dad. As we know, Anton and Victoria Makarska toured Russia together with their children.

      It is worth noting that the star couple, Anton and Victoria Makarska are happy to share happy moments of his family life subscribers microblog. Joint “Instagram” Makarska is pictures and video with their children, which the parents did not think to hide from fans.

      It is obvious that the heirs of the famous pair will grow up to be wonderful people, because their parents not just love, but also show wise approaches to their education. Victoria Makarska: “our family has two nannies Anton and I”

      Victoria, for example, tries to think through every step and even reaction to certain things. It has long been banned to yell at the kids, believing that son and daughter will start copying the bad manners. In addition, the star mom is very often shared in the microblog his observations regarding the education of Masha and Vanya, and they are always very valuable for its podeschi.

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