Дочь Андрея Кончаловского рассказала, как он принял ее в семью “StarHit” I learned that people admire about Director of its successor, and why loved ones are afraid to contradict him. Today, the famous master celebrates. Relatives and colleagues of Andrei Konchalovsky shared memories of his actions, which at the time surprised them.
Дочь Андрея Кончаловского рассказала, как он принял ее в семью

Director and actor 20 August is 80 years old. Fans know that he does everything at maximum capacity, whether the film or theatrical performance. On the eve of the anniversary of the family and friends of Andrei Konchalovsky said “StarHit” for the things they most valued.

Paternal instinct

Daughter Dasha from a relationship with actress Irina Brazgovka the Director has not seen for 17 years. He just didn’t know about its existence. For a teenager became a miracle in their family suddenly came a phone call: Konchalovsky, without hesitation, he took the first step when he announced that he had a teenage heiress.

“Still don’t believe, and remembered with a sinking heart, as dad came in my fate, Daria with “StarHit”. – It happened in the late 90s. Andrei Sergeyevich called anonymous and said: “your ex-wife have a daughter. It is from you! I won’t tell who you’re talking to, but keep in mind”.

This was immediately sniffed out the journalists of the newspaper began to appear with headlines saying, “Konchalovsky hides an illegitimate child!” Mother about the incident knew nothing. Although once admitted that my father is a great Director, but I didn’t pay attention to it. And why? He has his own life, my own. When the story became known to the public, the Pope personally contacted us and offered to help. Still remember his call. This, in my opinion, definitely the most heroic act Konchalovsky.

He is not satisfied with any of the scenes, a showdown, saying, “why did you remind yourself,” or “it’s not my baby until, until the test!” Dad, despite the fact that the news came to him like thunder from a clear sky, on the contrary, he said clearly: “You are my daughter! And I will not give offense!” But he to the wind, as we have seen, drops.

Дочь Андрея Кончаловского рассказала, как он принял ее в семьюHe became interested in our family, learned how we live. Over time he met her six grandchildren! In General, from the very first day Andrey took all of a sudden relatives with open arms. Although he could not do that, and I think him for it no one would have condemned. In fact he is not obliged to maintain a relationship with us. But no. Many friends say that I very much like his dad, and I’m proud of it. Once thought to rescue the kitten or to protect the girl, is a feat, but now no, it’s fleeting. But when know own daughter without any checks – the act of a strong man! Andrei Sergeevich I even dedicated a separate Chapter in his autobiography, which was called simply – “Dasha”.


Дочь Андрея Кончаловского рассказала, как он принял ее в семью

Andrey Noskov know Konchalovsky as ready at any moment to come to the aid of another.

“Andrei Sergeyevich I met while working on the film “gloss” in 2007 – says the “StarHit” actor. – The shooting took place in Montenegro. Had to go there literally for a day, because my episode in the story was quite small. After rehearsals, we were called for lunch. I have not particularly wanted, besides it was a sin not to bathe – I’m just one day at sea. While everyone was eating, walked over to the assistant, saying, “Take me ashore!” Our hotel was located on the hillside, so to get down to the water would have had at least an hour. At the request of the companion muttered: “we Have drivers now, no! Everyone left, and himself trudging through the Inferno as you do not want. Sorry, man, next time!” I was confused, said nothing and sat quietly sad in the shade. At this time by just happened to Andrey. Saw that I was sullen, sad. Approached, asked: “Andrei, why are you upset? I hurt someone?” I smiled and told about the situation.

“That’s not the problem! Get in the truck, he’ll get you!” I even blushed from surprise. Where have you seen that movie Maestro played the role of chauffeur. Began to dissuade him. But Konchalovsky is set: “Yes, all right! What the heat, look. At the same time too bathe!” Well, the argument against his words I was not: we sat down, went. Still telling friends what a faithful comrade Andrey”.


Дочь Андрея Кончаловского рассказала, как он принял ее в семью

Pavel Derevyanko plays in the play the Director of “Three sisters”. “The rehearsals we have are always very interesting, – shares with “StarHit” the actor Pavel Derevyanko. – Konchalovsky shares his experience, advice, where to work on the bugs. But some of my colleagues do not accept criticism, even such an outstanding person. They’re like the main character of the cartoon “And Baba Yaga is against.” Also show off, do not agree and impose their point of view the Director. When does a scandal like this, think to yourself: “Here he ran! Now just fly comrade!” But no.

Andrey takes micropause and as if nothing had happened bypasses the problem, it pretends like it wasn’t there. Never takes with the actors in the controversy, will not increase the voice. For us it is very valuable. Konchalovsky – a wise mentor who in the end seeks from each what he wants!”