Дочь Анатолия Папанова стыдится интимной сцены с участием отца In the program of the First channel “Tonight,” a relative of the legendary Anatoly Papanova Elena admitted that after the first viewing of the movie “the diamond arm” for a long time was afraid to even go outside. It was very confused by one spicy episode with dad in the lead role.
Дочь Анатолия Папанова стыдится интимной сцены с участием отца

On the eve of New year in the Studio program of the First channel “Tonight” gathered those who filmed and made movies famous, beloved by the people by Leonid Gaidai. Guests of Maxim Galkin and Julia Menshovoj remembered funny things on the set, told how participation in one or another Comedy directed by Gaidai changed their lives.

Elena Papanova, daughter of the legendary Anatoly Papanova, in 1968, the year of release of the film “the diamond arm” was 14 years old. On the set of a famous father didn’t take the girl. But talked a lot about work on the painting. Elena Papanova recalled that her father really wanted to make the role more dramatic. But Leonid Gaidai insisted, and in the end the image turned out, as said Papanova, “three smart”. But viewers fell in love with and remember it is in this role that Elena is now sure Gaidai was not mistaken.

For the first time, Elena looked at Comedy as millions of Soviet viewers in the cinema. But the film disappointed. Rather, one scene with uczuciem father.

“The episode when the dad swimming under water and suddenly he flies bottoms, I was very confused. I was so ashamed. I have long could not safely walk the streets”, – said Elena Papanova.
Дочь Анатолия Папанова стыдится интимной сцены с участием отца

In addition, mentioned that during these surveys the water was not more than 10 degrees. And Elena Anatolievna confirmed – Papa was tempered, and swam in the river until late autumn.

Anatoly Papanov died 30 years ago, in August 1987, he was only 64. But in its short life of a talented actor Soviet theater and film managed to pull in 170 scenes. His only daughter Helen followed in the footsteps of his famous father, also became an actress and is in the theater. Yermolova.

Дочь Анатолия Папанова стыдится интимной сцены с участием отца

In the Studio, “Tonight” and recalled other films by Leonid Gaidai. For example, a favorite movie of his widow “Ivan Vasilyevich changes profession.” Discussed the famous table in the Royal chambers, which were full of dishes. Leading most worried about was whether the real black caviar, and as for many of the takes of the table remained untouched.

People’s artist of Russia Natalia Seleznev assured that the shooting really was long, the food on the table was over. And to prevent this from happening, props watered all food is kerosene.

However, Svetlana Svetlichnaya objected and said that this was not.

Дочь Анатолия Папанова стыдится интимной сцены с участием отца“I want to say, because I care about the audience. Kerosene eggs are not watered! Cooked millet porridge and painted it black currant jam. So let the audience calm down,” – said Svetlichny.

The people’s actress Svetlana Svetlichnaya after roles in the film “the diamond arm” rightly called the first Soviet sex-symbol. The actress still looks great, holds its shape and proudly bears the title.