Дочь Алексея Петренко пройдет ДНК-тест The widow of the famous actor Azim Abdumuminov defend their name in court. A woman suspected of some fraud. In the near future should be a genetic examination, which will establish the relationship between Melania and her possible father Ulugbeka Suleymanov.
Дочь Алексея Петренко пройдет ДНК-тест

Recently in the Presnensky district court of Moscow held several meetings with the defendant which made the widow of Alexei Petrenko Azim Abdumuminov. A woman came to support Emmanuel Vitorgan with his wife Irina Mlodik. The couple acted as friends Azimi and witnesses.

Journalists report that claims to Abdumuminov was filed by the daughter of a famous artist Polina Petrenko and Ulukbek Suleymanov – the intended parent of her heiress Melania. The men’s lawyer Anatoly Safonov said that in the near future to commence the examination, which will shed light on the child’s paternity.

“The judge refused to Polina Petrenko in her petition for the establishment of relationships with Melania, but the biological father Suleymanov was appointed. If the widow does not appear on a DNA test, the paternity will be proved automatically. After two or three weeks, the issue will be resolved”, – said the representative of Ulugbek.
Дочь Алексея Петренко пройдет ДНК-тест

According to some reports, Melania was born in the Oktyabrsky district of Bishkek under the name of Aliya. The widow of Alexei Petrenko was suspected of forgery, because Melania is another birth certificate. It says that the girl was born in Karaburinsky the district of Talas region.

According to the lawyer Ulugbek Suleimanov, on the fact of forgery of documents in relation to Azimi Abdumuminov opened a criminal case and investigations are conducted. The widow of Alexei Petrenko included in the “watch list” in his native Kyrgyzstan. As noted by the lawyer Suleymanov, a woman suffers from this measure, because Abdumuminov there was a cottage and service apartment.

Дочь Алексея Петренко пройдет ДНК-тест

If genetic analysis determines that the father of Melania really is Ulukbek Suleymanov, law enforcement officers initiated a criminal case for fraud Abdumuminov. In the case of guilt in the crime Azim will lose the right of inheritance.

Despite the fact that Alexei Petrenko considered Melania his daughter, he didn’t try to fix this documented fact. During the life of the famous actor didn’t get the first birth certificate of the child, according to “Express newspaper”.

Previously Azim Abdumuminov claimed that the real father of Melania is Alexei Petrenko. According to the widow of a famous actor, Ulukbek Suleymanov distorts reality. Abdumuminov believes that the man could collude with Polina Petrenko to take possession of the inheritance of the stars.The widow of Alexei Petrenko revealed the truth about the paternity of his child

Дочь Алексея Петренко пройдет ДНК-тест“When I heard this story, I tried to come up with Ulugbeka contact. He says, “You must renounce the deed, then you will fall behind,” said Azim in the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live broadcast.»