The daughter of Alexei Petrenko from his first marriage provoked scandal with his widow

Дочь Алексея Петренко от первого брака спровоцировала новый скандал с его вдовой Azim Abdumuminov told about the conflict with a relative of the deceased actor. As the woman said, the heiress movie stars Pauline tries to prove in court that he was incompetent and mentally ill person.
Дочь Алексея Петренко от первого брака спровоцировала новый скандал с его вдовой

The conflict between the widow of Alexei Petrenko with Azimi Abdumuminov and his daughter Pauline continues. The deceased spouse of the actor kept silent, because they do not want to enter into a squabble with his successor. However, at the moment Pauline is preparing the paperwork so the court found her late father incapacitated.

The widow and daughter of Alexei Petrenko fighting over the estate in 70 million

“Alexey Vasilyevich never consisted on the account in psychiatric hospital, not a psychiatrist. He had problems with heart and blood vessels. I was sure that nobody would react seriously to such charges. But the court accepted her application to review and put a lien on the property. I was told in Moscow-established pattern: a healthy man posthumously via a court may admit mentally ill, to take away the inheritance. But Alexei Gordeyev to the last days was shooting tour, he was always in sight! If he was sick, as if he was working, he gave recitals and delighted audiences?” – wonders of Asama Abdumuminov.

The dispute between the women broke out due to the fact that Petrenko left a legacy that is issued on his wife and daughter Melania. House in Balashikha and half of an apartment in Moscow for donations belong to Azime and child. In addition, the legacy also includes the money supply and a country house in the city of Shchuchye lake. According to some, the value of all assets is about 70 million rubles. However, the widow of the artist claims that this figure is exaggerated.

After the death of the actor because of a detached thrombus Azima was accused that she killed her husband. The main opponent was the Pauline. The woman could not forgive that Alexey Vasilevich has left their family when she was 14 years old. She really wanted to avenge his father.

“Pauline said in the program that he was mentally ill, incapacitated people, and I supposedly fed him dope and forced to work. Because of this, according to her, he died. And he loved to work! Leave the actor out of work – he will die. Especially the actor of such scale. When once again came the transfer of its participation, Alexey V. said: “With such greedy and evil women can not even stand beside.” He asked her only one thing: don’t go on a talk show, not YAP my name. But it is for the money it made. Alexey V. said: “She sold me for 33 srebrenik. If I was to live in the family – I’d be long gone”, – said Azim in an interview with “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.