Дочь Алексея Баталова готовится к новым тяжбам за имущество The rightful owner of the cottages will revert to the court. The daughter of Alexei Batalov Maria inherited a country station, for which they had to argue with a neighbor. Despite the positive verdict of the judges she still can’t feel like a mistress.
Дочь Алексея Баталова готовится к новым тяжбам за имущество

Famous actor Alexei Batalov passed away last year. for five months before his death he was confined to bed, as he injured his leg and was able to walk again. His wife Gitana arkadevny it was a real blow. They have a daughter Mary, who suffers from cerebral palsy due to injuries at birth. Also, the artist is the eldest heir of Hope.

In the last few years of his life Alexei Batalov argued over part of the suburban area. Once the neighbor Vadim Elgart decided to build a bathhouse and asked him to sign the documents of the famous artist. As it turned out, it was a paper on transfer of land. But in fact the property of the snake had belonged to the younger daughter of the actor, but because his agreement was illegal. Despite the fact that the family Batalov won the case, so far the dispute has not received its logical conclusion.

Relatives of Alexey Batalov finally decided the issue of inheritance

“After the may holidays will file a new lawsuit. Our lawyers have requested the case. Still the decision was incomplete. To demolish the bathhouse, restore, fence, landscape the area, the widow of Alexei Vladimirovich would have had to pay half a million rubles,” – said a family friend artist Michael civin.
Дочь Алексея Баталова готовится к новым тяжбам за имущество

In turn, Vadim Elgart says that he has no money to demolish the building baths. As it turned out, his summer residence, he transferred the property to his daughter, who is abroad. In his opinion, the owners should spend money on such a thing, and not the father of the heiress. Supporters of the Batalov family willing to go to drastic measures in order to restore justice.

“It turns out that money no one to take. The only way out is a new lawsuit. Through the courts we will seek to arrest a neighbor’s garden, as an interim measure. Maybe then the case will move forward,” says zivin.

Despite the fact that relatives of the famous artist tried to reach the neighbor, the jeweler through the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin and through the leader of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky, their efforts were in vain. As it became known correspondent of “Komsomolskaya Pravda” the widow and daughter of Alexei Batalov still not go out of the city for his own country.