The daughter of a priest mired in debauchery on a reality show

Дочь священника погрязла в разврате на реалити-шоу Margaret Kern does not hesitate to behave provocatively. The daughter of a priest allows himself to go on a hot island half-naked. Fans did not appreciate such a bold girl’s behavior and was advised to be a little more modest. However, the participant reality show “House-2. The island of love”, apparently, enemies are not confused.

      Дочь священника погрязла в разврате на реалити-шоу

      Recently launched a new reality show “Dom-2.The island of love”. According to the creators of the program, 12 girls will compete for the attention of two young men Alexander Zadoinov and Ivan Bursikova. The producers are very carefully selected participants who came to the Seychelles to compete for the heart of a star “Houses-2”. Each of them tries to show their femininity and sexuality, engaging men the most subtle ways.

      One of the brightest participants of the new reality show preacher’s daughter Margaret Kern. The girl is not shy to show the charm of the figure, especially the chest-eighth the size. Moreover, the core even dared to go Topless on the tropical Islands. As it turned out, the girls lost the competition and as punishment had to walk with bare Breasts. However, Margaret still did not dare to go improper form and sealed the chest with adhesive tape. Moreover, it is wrapped with tape hips and legs.

      Дочь священника погрязла в разврате на реалити-шоу

      From fans of this girl appearance is not caused rough delight. The guardians of morality felt that such provocative behavior does not paint a young girl and not make her honor in front of two young men, who came to the project, to finally meet your true love.

      On the project “Dom-2. The island of love” came the priest’s daughter

      It is likely that Margaret is completely oblivious to negative reviews. Perhaps this is one of the tactics the girls to win a Alexander and Ivan. As recognized “StarHit” a close friend of the Minister’s daughter Alex Leslie Kern for two years learned to manipulate men and knows many tricks.

      “The other girls for the core are not opponents,” says the friend Margarita. – It just goes to show not for a million. She had rich men who were removing her a lot of money. I think she fell in love, if I went even under the camera. Because in her life there was a case when she lived with the guy and paid for his apartment, food, clothing. All out of love!”

      To 18 years of Margaret’s father raised her in line is not allowed to communicate with young people and constantly monitored their daughter. After coming of age she ran away from home and began literally to bathe in the attention of men.