Танцующего миллионера заподозрили в неверности жене Gianluca Vacca of shares details of holiday fun in Miami, appearing on the beaches with the mysterious strangers. Fans of Internet star came to the conclusion that he broke up with his wife Gabriele GA. In Instagram famous party-goer for more than a month does not appear to be snapshots with his wife.

Dances of Gianluca Vacca in the blink of an eye has made him an Internet celebrity. Now, in addition to business a man is engaged in DJing and also has many millions of fans. However, fans of the Italian care, his alleged quarrel with a sweetheart. The fact that Instagram is the king of the dance floor stopped to share pictures of his wife Georgia Gabriele. Instead, in the Network and then there are photos of a star with a mysterious stranger.

One of the companions of the millionaire became Ariadna Gutierrez, who won the title of Vice-miss universe in 2015. The girl shared the picture with the beach, which is in the arms of Wakka. She refrained from commenting, but fans of the dancing stars have already sounded the alarm.

Himself Gianluca prefers to share photos from clubs and luxury rooms. The man has repeatedly admitted that he likes to live large and in what does not deny.

The attention of fans attracted to another girl, periodically appearing in the “instagrame” the dancing millionaire. Ginevra Mavilla only 15 years old, but the Vacca is not shy about sharing candid shots, which capture with a beautiful woman.

“She like a daughter to me. I met her when she was only five years old. It’s hard to describe how much I love this girl”, says Gianluca subscribers in Instagram.

The man stressed that for 15 years, especially it is associated solely friendships. She calls herself the dancing millionaire dad never tires of telling him tender feelings.

Spouse Internet star has not commented on these rumors. The last joint with Gianluca she shared on may 27. Since then, Instagram Georgia there are only single pictures. Wife dancing millionaire from Italy: “He is the perfect man!”

Fans of the pair are confident that the lovers are at loggerheads. According to them, because conflict with his wife the dancing millionaire and fled to Miami. But abandoned Gabriel looks upset: young woman enjoys spending time shopping, regularly sharing with followers elegant bows.