The dancing millionaire repeated the image of Putin

Танцующий миллионер повторил образ Путина

The Gianluca Vacca posted in “Instagram” photos on a horse with a bare torso.

Only we have forgotten about the 49-year-old Italian millionaire, who conquered the Internet gorgeous figure and tattoos as he again threw the occasion to talk about yourself. And what!

Today in Instagram Gianluca appeared the: he sits on a horse, and from clothes on it only the pants and boots. Photography literally blew up the network, brought together for the first 4 hours of 218 thousand likes and almost 2,000 comments in different languages. No need to be a polyglot to understand that members of the Vacca in one voice comparing him to Vladimir Putin.

And no wonder: in 2009, the same photo of the President of Russia (when he was Prime Minister), made during a vacation in Tuva made a lot of noise in the Western press. Most likely, Wakka knew her and repeated this way deliberately – because the horse was chosen to exactly suit.

By the way, recently a similar photo published in Instagram Andrey Malakhov. While vacationing in France, he visited the natural Park of the Camargue in Provence, which is famous for the unique white horses, and took the picture in there in shorts on a horse, who also was the “bomb”.

It’s a pity the summer is over, a good flash mob could happen.