The dancing millionaire Gianluca Vacca lives on credit

Танцующий миллионер Джанлука Вакки живет в кредит

This summer, the social network Instagram was blown up with videos in which a tanned man accompanied by a lovely companion takes the dancing to the accompaniment of musical hits.

The name of this men Gianluca Vacca and he’s a millionaire. Or at least trying to seem so. Journalists investigated and found out that actually the Vacca lives practically in credit, and his business, which he inherited from his parents, is on the verge of bankruptcy.

According to information appeared in the network, four houses owned by Gianluca, actually borrowed, and the three of them Vacca deals, in order to repay the debt to the Bank.

Media reports that Gianluca was a lousy businessman, and more than once could lose the case, which made a fortune by his parents.

Assist Vacca to keep the family business came from his brother, who is in charge of all Affairs. He donates famous cousin due to him for the documents of interest, on which he lives.