“The dancing millionaire” fun in the company of the Moscow beauties

«Танцующий миллионер» развлекается в компании московских красавиц The Gianluca Vacca holds an unforgettable vacation in the capital. Tour guide in Moscow to the stars of the Internet from Italy was his old friend Catherine Arkharov. The Gianluca Vacca wants to visit on red square.

      Italian entrepreneur Gianluca Vacca and his lover Gabriele GA, which has become popular due to its incendiary dances real stars of the Internet these days visiting Moscow. The couple arrived in the capital to participate in the program Andrei Malakhov “Let them talk”, the recording of which took place the day before. Transfer with the participation of Gianluca Vacca will air in the near future and will surely become a hit as her hero. “The dancing millionaire” from Italy came on a visit to Andrei Malakhov

      The audience in the Studio were delighted to have welcomed guests from Italy, giving them an incredibly warm welcome. Fans lined up to be photographed with the charming “the dancing millionaire” and get his autograph. The Gianluca Vacca did not deny any of his fans, he was very friendly and courteous with everyone, posing for the cameras with a radiant smile.

      Take a selfie with the star of the Internet and to communicate with him failed to attend the recording of the program “Let speak” journalist “StarHit” Olga Homeland.

      Attention “the dancing millionaire” that night was awarded the leading “House-2” Ksenia Borodina, which, incidentally, is the only Russian star, which of Vacca signed in Instagram.

      Exciting moments experienced on the program Anna Kalashnikov. The Gianluca Vacca invited her to dance. “Gianlucca Of Wakka! Thank you to the first channel and personally to Andrey Malakhov for this incredible surprise,” commented Anna Kalashnikov video depicting her fiery dance with the Italian guest.

      For the informative part of the Moscow vacation Gianluca Vacca and Georgia Gabriele claimed responsibility Ekaterina arharova. As it turned out, the actress, a big part of life which is connected with Italy, are familiar with “the dancing millionaire”, and I was happy to show visitors the capital. Immediately after the shooting of “Ostankino” company, headed by leading “Let them talk” Andrei Malakhov, went for dinner at a restaurant. And then Gianluca Vacca asked to show him the Red square.

      “The dancing millionaire, he’s my old friend Gianluca Vacca for the first time visited Moscow. Of course I showed all the sights of our capital, but… after the recording of “Let them talk”, it was late and the Red square we never got. Is access to the Lenin is now closed at night,” wrote Catherine Arkharov in the microblog.

      The Gianluca Vacca decided that I will visit Red square on Saturday afternoon. Cold Moscow weather does not scare the guest from hot Italian, and his plans he does not intend to abandon.