“The dancing millionaire” from Italy came on a visit to Andrei Malakhov

«Танцующий миллионер» из Италии приехал в гости к Андрею Малахову The Italian entrepreneur will soon appear in the program “Let them talk”. Not so long ago Andrey Malakhov with the television crew visited the house of a businessman, and then invited him to Russia. The Gianluca Vacca became immensely popular, placing in his microblog live with the rest.

      «Танцующий миллионер» из Италии приехал в гости к Андрею Малахову

      At the end of July dances to 49-year-old man became a real hit on the Internet. Italian millionaire Gianluca Vacca shared with his subscribers in his video of how they spend their free time on a sailing holiday in the company of his friends and beautiful wife who is younger than his 18 years. Groovy dancing Gianluca has gained popularity among users of the Network, and the Italian businessman has become the center of attention. Dancing millionaire has made him an Internet star

      Leading talk show “Let them talk” and editor of “StarHit” Andrey Malakhov has decided to invite in Studio of a well known millionaire. Gianluca and his girlfriend Georgia Gabriele gladly took part in the popular program, which will soon be released on the First channel.

      Not so long ago the crew transfer had been in the house of a millionaire. The couple decided to repeat her famous dance, which they performed on the boat, however, suddenly Andrey Malakhov appears in the frame, throws the handkerchief Georgia and joins the fun.

      Darling “the dancing millionaire” admitted in an exclusive interview with “StarHit” that fuse Gianluca and passed her, so she’s ready to support his favorite in all his endeavors. Wife dancing millionaire from Italy: “He is the perfect man!”

      “We really eighteen years difference, but believe me, I don’t feel it, because he’s actually a boy in your soul. And Gianluca is a young body, he trains for two hours every day. But we have one problem – everything else, he has the imagination of a child, but I’m happy to play along with him. Actually, I think that age is more a psychological state, which depends on how the person relates to life,” said Gabriele.

      Behind the scenes, the millionaire was all friendly, gladly posed for numerous cameras and was well located to many fans in Russia.

      «Танцующий миллионер» из Италии приехал в гости к Андрею Малахову