The dancing millionaire – behind the scenes

Танцующий миллионер - что осталось за кадром The arrival of Gianluca Vacca in Moscow made a splash. The Italian came to the Studio program “Let them talk” and got acquainted with Russian girls. The audience learned, Nemo details about the life of a millionaire, which became popular in social networks.

      Танцующий миллионер - что осталось за кадром

      On the program, the hero of which became a constant favorite of Internet dancing Italian millionaire Gianluca Vacca, revealed:

      1. The world is very tight – model Rafaella, Zardo, where Gianluca was once engaged to, and today close friends, was a good friend of the actress Katie Ancharovoj (ex-wife Marat Basharova, who presented to the spouse charged with assault), and they had not seen for 20 years!

      2. To maintain the shape of Gianluca does not drink strong alcohol, and after six in the evening forget about carbohydrates – the restaurant where we came after the broadcast, he ordered the fish.

      Wife dancing millionaire from Italy: “He is the perfect man!”

      3. The secret of his charm is very simple: he treats girls like princesses and always makes them laugh, and their employees and the army of Internet fans invariably show respect, even before he responded to all emails.

      4. Gianluca colors and fun new world or a fading trend first appeared in pajamas adorned his beard with diamonds (clips in his beard now at the height of fashion). And I don’t know what this would do to the real guys from Perm, but cheerful Italian says: soon all muscular guys will check the time for small ladies ‘ watches on the wrist. He’s a millionaire did this very funny and elegant.