The curse of the non-existent debt, death by necrosis: in Portugal died Russian musician

Проклятие из-за несуществующего долга, смерть от некроза: в Португалии умер российский музыкант At the end of may in Faro urgently landed the plane from Amsterdam to Gran Canaria because of the “unbearable smell” one of the passengers. They found Andrey Suchilin. Doctors several weeks fighting for his life, but the miracle did not happen.
Проклятие из-за несуществующего долга, смерть от некроза: в Португалии умер российский музыкант

The incident on Board the Dutch airlines have become one of the most discussed topics is the Russian musician Andrei Suchilin was removed from the flight, EN route from Amsterdam to Gran Canaria, because of the “unbearable smell”. Then it turned out that the 58-year-old guitarist picked up a dangerous infection during a stay doctors diagnosed him with necrosis.

“I caught a disease that makes people very smelly. As a result, the group of passengers can get the captain of the aircraft that you will be removed from the flight. Portugal is a beautiful country, but to be here like this – without money, support of the Consulate and medical assistance – absolutely not clear, how to live,” – said Andrew.
Проклятие из-за несуществующего долга, смерть от некроза: в Португалии умер российский музыкант

In Faro, the guitarist refused hospitalization, resulting soon found himself in intensive care. “Doctor, examined him in Spain, said that the need to drink antibiotics and to go home, insisting that it is “the usual beach infection,” wrote close friend of the artist Lidia Tikhonovich.

Since then, for the life of the musician tirelessly fought the doctors. Several operations, medical coma, again little hope for recovery and a new blow – during the stay of the guitarist in the clinic his girlfriend faced charges of fraud and threats from a woman named Alex Reid. Friend Andrew announced on his page in the social network demands her to return the debt in the amount of 2,000 euros. According to the victim, that is the money she moved the rocker in advance for the concert in Munich, which itself is subsequently canceled, ostensibly because of the persecution of migrants.

“The idea was to create something like hypovase community, but without the hallucinogens. There we moved to the protection of migrants, that did not like part of the local DCFS. In General, we picked up and now waiting for court proceedings and filing any charges. Life for the next six months it is impossible to plan,” – said Alex artist.

From time to time the woman has appeared the idea to organize the event in Israel, in Beijing, in Turkey, “call rich”, but later, she simply advised the guitarist to buy in advance “five lakes and to score.”

“It was agreed that Andrew will attend the event at a different time. But when Andrew got sick, Alex began to demand money and threaten a Gypsy curse later admitted Lydia. Is a very scary man. She extorts money from the man who is now in intensive care, constantly lying”.

“I threatened a Gypsy curse, because on normal requests do not react,” said Alex, and promised to remove the damage only when the money will be returned. – I have no pity for people who are able for two months to spend two thousand euros. I have enough money for half a year”.

A concerned friend of the musician collected the necessary sum and transferred to the female. Is it a coincidence, but at the same time, Andrew Suchilin really easier. However, only for a short time.

“He’s in a medical coma. When you reduce the dosage of sedatives, so-called “surface consciousness”, hears, opens his eyes, but the gaze is not focused. This condition is caused artificially, to avoid a painful shock. We’ve been here for 24 days,” stated Lydia.

“Deception from France. I broke the curse. The condition has improved. The translation was fake, the money does not come,” wrote Alex Reid.

One after another began to falter in the work of the bodies of the guitar with the infection already failed kidneys, easy, heart.

“Andrew’s condition deteriorated. Against the background of reduced immunity have developed a fungal infection. To do surgery now will not. The doctors say that the chances that he will survive is greatly diminished. Ask for prayers,” asked Lydia to subscribers.

Alas, neither the prayers nor the efforts of Western doctors were unable to save the life of a Russian musician today, he was gone. Now friends of the artist to collect money for the funeral. Andrew Suchilin will soon make its last flight, and this flight it is definitely not off – home, to Moscow.

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