«Проклятие» Оскара получило еще одно подтверждение
Director Guillermo Del Toro announced the divorce.

Guillermo Del Toro with wife


Guillermo Del Toro was struck and
disappointed their fans with an unexpected announcement. He said that divorced
his wife Lorenzo Newton. And since less than a week ago the Director was
rhinestones awarded two “Oscars” — in the nomination “Best Director” and as the Creator of the “Forms
Water” — a film recognized as the best, all talking about the fact that Guillermo was
a new victim of the “Oscar”.

Recall: in Hollywood
there is a legend that many of those who received the highest prize Award,
paying for it in the collapse of family life. For example,
Kate Winslet, the award “Oscar” in 2009, divorced a year later. Reese Witherspoon, who received the prize in 2006, said that he had separated from her husband less than a year. And last year’s winner gold plated figurines — Casey Affleck — announced their decision to divorce about six months later. And that’s not all the victims of the “Oscar” — it can only be attributed to Halle berry, and Sean Penn, Sandra bullock, and many others…

However, it soon became clear,
in the case of Del Toro, blamed his divorce, the alleged curse existing, not
succeed. As it turned out, the couple broke up long before Guillermo got
his nomination in February of last year, and completed the divorce process in September 2017. Until recently, however, Del Toro kept his
divorce in secret — it was known only to his closest friends and family.

As to the reasons for
which Guillermo broke up with his wife, where he peacefully lived for 31 years, raising
two daughters, Marisa and Mariana, it is not officially reported. However
gossips claim that this story involved the writer Kim Morgan,
which became the companion Del Toro at a recent awards ceremony.