The crypt, where are buried Princess Diana was mugged four times already

Склеп, где похоронена принцесса Диана пытались ограбить уже четыре раза

Brother of Diana, Princess of Wales said in an interview on the radio “Radio 4’s” the crypt, where are buried his sister tried to Rob four times in 20 years.

“There were four hacking attempts over the last 20 years and we are very pleased that they were unsuccessful,” according to Earl Spencer, reporters for the fourth BBC radio.
Princess Diana died tragically together with her fiancé Dodi al fayeed in a car crash on 31 August 1997. The tragedy occurred in Paris. The body was buried on 6 September in the crypt, which is located in Althorp house on an island in a small river in the County of Northamptonshire. The owners of the estate are the family of the Spencers.
As reported in an interview with Diana’s brother, Earl Spencer, he was very concerned to find a safe place for the burial of the sisters. “I wanted to keep her safe. You might remember the difficult time the funeral, which was riddled with growing emotions and anxiety about a safe place for burial.” Diane wanted cremation of his body, therefore, burial in family tombs was not possible because of possible security issues.
Also the brother of Princess Diana told reporters about her experiences in the last years before the tragedy. Diana was very concerned about the comments of the press about her life. Some were positive, others revealed her life completely on the other side. “I remember once, Diana told me about the man who promised that he would haunt her until the day she died, and then defecate on her grave.” She tried to cope with the dark side of the media and stay noble.
“There are a lot of strange people and Althorp house is the safest place for the burial of Diana” — these words for the fourth time was proved by unsuccessful attempts of robbers to crack the vault of Diana, Princess of Wales.