The crisis in the family Kate Winslet

Кризис в семье Кейт Уинслет
Star thought about the divorce with my husband.

Kate Winslet and Ned Rockenroll


became known, the family of 41-year-old Kate Winslet the crisis erupted.
The actress for many months not been seen in public in the company of her husband, 37-year-old ned Rockenroll. And a friend of Winslet told the reporter edition of Star
Magazine that Kate and Ned almost talk to each other, and the actress seriously
considering the possibility of divorce.

made Winslet wanting a divorce? As told by a friend of the actress,
at first glance, Kate’s house is quiet: the spouses do not arrange scandals. And Ned, apparently not
cheating on his wife — anyway, she yet did not suspect.
The problem is that Winslet dead tired to carry on
their shoulders the entire burden of the family — both financial and from a psychological point
of view.

the actress asking, how are things with ned, it darkens and says that he
makes that fun. Since then, Kate and her husband were married four
years ago, he quit his job in the Corporation of his uncle, billionaire Richard
Branson, and does not want to look for a new one. And if he would have helped Kate
to look after her three children — MIA, Joe (from her previous marriages) and younger son Beara… But no
he strongly does not want to take on any responsibility. Meanwhile,
Winslet acted in 2-3 movies a year, contains family and is engaged in children.

According to the friend, Winslet, Kate was first
in awe of ned: because he’s so cheerful and carefree! But time goes on and Weeks
don’t want to grow up, he remains a “big kid”. But Kate is already three
children, and take care of her husband, as
the fourth “Chad”, she is simply not strong enough… If Winslet still dare to
the dissolution of the marriage, this will be the third divorce in the life of the actress.