The criminals wanted to shoot Kim Kardashian

Преступники  хотели  пристрелить Ким Кардашьян
Became known new details of the robbery of the stars of the reality show.

Преступники  хотели  пристрелить Ким Кардашьян

Kim Kardashian


New information about the attack
criminals on Kim Kardashian. Earlier
it was reported that last night two of the attacker, armed with guns, raided the hotel room Kardashian in Paris, robbing her
disappeared. Now became known the details of this story. Details announced
Internet site TMZ.

As it turned out, criminals
were five. Police disguised as thugs, threatening with guns, forced
the Concierge to open the room door, Kim, who came to France for Fashion Week. After that, the two of them entered
room. As told by the Kardashians, they are clearly not going easy on her and
wanted to shoot her because she began to scream in terror. But Kim, realizing that
she faces began begging to leave her
alive, begging the robbers to spare her for the sake of two young children
left her home in America.
The bandits turned out to be conscientious: to kill her they did not, and simply taped Kim’s mouth with duct tape and locked her
in the bathroom.

As for production, inherited
robbers don’t just was she disappointed. Criminals that
likely, acted on a tip, found the jewelry box, where
was jewelry for a few million, and was removed from the hands of Kim’s ring, which cost
$ 4.5 million.

Exactly how Kardashian managed
to be free, not yet reported. We only know that as soon as she
could Kim tried to communicate with her beloved husband. Kanye West while he performed at a concert and just started to fulfill his next
song. But when the assistant handed him that Kim was robbed and she’s in a terrible
condition, he interrupted his show. As told to Kardashian, which, fortunately,
not injured physically, but was close to a nervous breakdown from the transferred
the fright that she had experienced “the most horrible moment of my life.”

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West