The creators of the show First channel “I” responded to allegations of cheating

Создатели шоу Первого канала «Я могу» ответили на обвинения в обмане Producers of the popular project with Leonid Yakubovich was suspected in the substitution. One Internet user wrote a post exposing, questioning the ability of Timur Iosseliani. The publication caused a great public outcry.
Создатели шоу Первого канала «Я могу» ответили на обвинения в обмане

Recently, the Network has a scandal associated with the release of the First channel show “I can” from 22 Oct 2017. Internet user under the nickname LacPop accused of cheating the resident of Lipetsk Timur Ioseliani, who claimed that may a minute to remember the faces of 200 people sitting in the hall. The man showed a stand with photos of a few random people. Ioseliani had to find those who were on the set. The viewer had noticed that one of the photos shows no one who took part in the filming, and the other woman.

Later LacPop associated with this Olga Kovaleva. Internet user said that she was an actress, has participated in different projects of the First channel. According to Olga, she allegedly was sick, so was unable to attend the shoot. In her stead stood another girl.

Создатели шоу Первого канала «Я могу» ответили на обвинения в обмане

On the question of whether the project of the First channel substitution, Kovalev supposedly said, “it appears so”.

At the disposal of journalists was the statement of the press service of the organization “Red square”, which was engaged in the production of the program with Leonid Yakubovich. CEO Ilya Krivitsky responded to the accusations of cheating. According to him, the test for Iosseliani will complicate and photograph in a different setting. Other details Krivitsky chose not to disclose.

“In response to the resulting outcry and publicly expressed doubts about that in the show “I can” the participants really show the viewers a unique ability, the authors show announces retakes rooms Timur Ioseliani, revealing the possibility of human memory. The room will be photographed in a more complex way for any independent online site in live mode,” – he said.

Recall that the publication LacPop appeared on Sunday on one of the popular entertainment portals. The post provoked a lively discussion on the Internet. Some netizens felt that Timur Iosseliani illegally won 50 thousand rubles for the project. By the way, the achievement of the inhabitant of Lipetsk has also promised to include in the book of records of Russia.

On Monday Ilya Krivitsky spoke about the current situation. The statement by the Director General of the company “Red square” quoted by TASS.