The creators of the series “the Street” has killed the hero Yegor Clineva

Создатели сериала «Улица» убили героя Егора Клинаева The writers had to change the plot after the tragic death of the actor. Yegor Clineva was hit by a car on the road during the night of 27 September. But just after some time, the screens came out the first series of films with his participation.
Создатели сериала «Улица» убили героя Егора Клинаева

18-year-old actor, remembered to spectators on films “the Teacher” and “Street” Yegor Konaev, tragically passed away on the night of 27 September. He stopped to help drivers of the faced cars. However, the man behind the wheel of an approaching car, not noticed Egor and knocked him down. From the received traumas the actor died. At that time, Konaev starred in the TV series “the Street”, the latest series which will show today on channel TNT.

It is known that the work on the film was not completed when the tragedy occurred with Egor, so the creators had to find a way to explain to the audience the loss of a hero Clineva, Lehi. In the story, he went to USA to his mother. The writers came up with an interesting move. They decided to kill the character. Leh arrives in Russia, but arrives home, dies in the accident, which occurred when he was returning from the airport.

Fans of the TV series “Street” actively discussing why the writers decided to do so. “Yegor did not have time before the end to play in the series, so his character brought out”, “Kapets, of course, Lech very sorry. Damn, very sad”, “They just beat it to death. He died, and then to bring the hero out of the picture, they returned to Russia, and he dies in an accident. Remember that when he called and talked about the return, we have his voice heard. Apparently, so decided to finish the story with their love,” wrote the audience in social networks.

Friends and colleagues Clineva could not believe that such a misfortune happened to an actor. “He was a man with a big heart – his actions prove it. He stopped and wanted to help people, and it ended like that. Yegor was responsive, attentive, caring. Lately a lot of young leaves of life”, – told “StarHit” Karina Mishulina, starring with him in the project “the Teacher”.

Lola Baranova, darling Clineva also played in the TV series “the Street”, was trying not to show his grief. “When the eyes of the public accomplished personal drama, constant nagging, complaints about how people are unhappy, it is just an attempt to attract attention, disrupt applause. Having sold his soul, with the hammer and satisfying their needs eroticheskie, actor safely forget about “bleeding” the wound and removed behind the scenes with the aim of finding new scripts for their theatre productions. Pain true always hidden from the eyes of a stranger and often experienced alone. Suffering is not looking for a viewer is suffering silently. For when your soul is heavy and your feelings are deep, it is impossible to lavish yourself in all directions”, – says the actress in the microblog.