Создатели сериала «Друзья» ответили, быть ли продолжению шоу

Recently in the United States was the anniversary festival Tribeca TV in Manhattan, invited guests who were the creators of the legendary series “Friends” — March Kauffman and David crane. At the event, the writers gave an interview and put an end to rumors about reuniting the characters of the series.

Создатели сериала «Друзья» ответили, быть ли продолжению шоу

According to Martha Kauffman it became clear that the wait for the reboot of the legendary show no more sense. She said the main two reasons to keep filming the series writers and producers don’t want to.

The first reason is that the show is a certain time period of a person’s life, when his friends are his family. And when we all already have your full family, then everything changes, in particular the perception of the humor of the show. The second reason is confidence that the sequel will not be able to beat the ratings, which has already won the show.

David crane fully supported his colleague and added: “We did a show that wanted to do, and if you return characters, then most likely it won’t be so good.

For all fans of the series there is good news. In honor of the 25th anniversary of the show “Friends” will be filmed theatrical release of certain series, where the legendary sextet will once again get to adventure. On Friday, September 13, three producers of the series chose the best, in their opinion, the episodes from all 10 seasons that will be included in this release.

At the festival, the creators also told some fun facts about the script of “Friends”. It turns out that Monica and Chandler were supposed to be a couple “one night”, in the plans of the writers was not to make them family. But the audience reaction was so strong, they are so loved by everyone that had to listen to a huge audience and change the script.

By the way, the actors themselves “Friends” in numerous interviews, has always said that he would be glad reunion show and was happy to continue to play your favourite heroes.

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