Создателей фильма «Движение вверх» обвинили в наглом плагиате Popular tape is again subjected to harsh criticism. This time dissatisfaction was expressed by the blogger Evgeny Bazhenov, better known under the pseudonym BadComedian. In the opinion of men, are unfairly painting is considered a masterpiece.
Создателей фильма «Движение вверх» обвинили в наглом плагиате

The film “moving up” caused a lot of noise. The picture has been criticized by widows of players, but the fans liked it. Russian tape broke the record for fees and has become the most lucrative in the history of the domestic rental.

Widow of the famous basketball players spoke out against the movie “moving up”

It seemed that the hype surrounding the movie subsided, but may 30, a well-known blogger Evgeny Bazhenov, better known as BadComedian, was posted on YouTube a video titled “moving up (Plagiarism or great truth)”, in which he accused the filmmakers at the numerous scenic holes.

According to the blogger, the writer and Director have allowed myself too many assumptions, significantly changing the real story. Moreover, he noted that the domestic picture is strikingly similar for the American film “the Mirage on ice”.

“They completely stole the main character and main plot twists, down to some dialogue. In this case the creators did not bother that the image of the real Vladimir Kondrashin absolutely do not match what is created on the screen Vladimir Mashkov. Hero Mashkov is more like coach herb Brooks, the main character of the film “the Mirage on ice”. Similar methods of working, and behaviors. Except for the fact that Brooks was such in fact, and domestic kinodely has altered the reality in favor of drama,” said Bazhenov in the course of movie.
Создателей фильма «Движение вверх» обвинили в наглом плагиате

Tape “the Mirage on ice” also based on real events. She talks about the us hockey team for the match with the USSR. Then, in the 1980 Olympic games Western team managed to win over the Soviet athletes were considered to be favorites.

The similarity of the two paintings has been noted by many film fans. Tapes are identical not only the story, but have several almost identical conversations.

The blogger also noted some inconsistencies of the script. For example, he was embarrassed that the coach leaves the team three players with health problems. “That is, he is willing to risk the honor of the country and the lives of these people for the sake of illusory hopes of victory? As a person with sick knees, blind player and athlete at the point of death needs to defeat the Americans? It’s absolutely not logical, but dramatic,” said Bazhenov.

The film analysis made by the blogger, with the duration of 2 hours and 16 minutes, was an instant hit, gaining a million views in less than a day. However, many fans of the Bazhenov agreed with his observations. “And I loved this movie. Now I don’t know if I’ll be able to treat him still”, “From the very beginning did not understand, what is the fuss about this film, because the creators all the facts wrong”, “Yes, too many assumptions, but in the end, the film turned out good, motivating” – opinions of the fans of Eugene.

“This arrow lies, double standards, fake and plagiarism from the West, which in the movie is so hated. The creators specifically said anywhere that the film is based on real events, the audience willingly believed in what is happening. When there are questions to ask if the main character handicapped son, and the athlete’s heart condition. One drama everywhere,” concluded BadComedian.

By the way, the Bazhenov is not the first time carries popular movies. The blogger regularly have conflicts with well-known Directors and actors because of his sharp criticism of the national cinema.

Anyway, the film is “moving up” has already managed to go down in history as the box office hit, beloved by millions of viewers. Director Anton Megerdichev has not responded to criticism of his creation. Earlier, the Director has repeatedly acknowledged that it intentionally did some changes real events to make the strip more entertaining and dramatic.