The creators of the film “moving up” responded to the criticism

Создатели фильма «Движение вверх» ответили на критику The film went into wide release in late December of last year. The main action in the film revolves around the participation of the USSR national team in basketball at the Olympics-72 in Munich. Box office “move up” has reached over billion.
Создатели фильма «Движение вверх» ответили на критику

Performers of the main roles in the movie “moving up” Kuzma Saprykin and Alexander Ryapolov came to the Studio of radio “KP” answered questions from the audience and presenters. Together with young actors to journalists on the air came and Ivan Edeshko, the player who played in the USSR team at the Olympics 1972 in Munich. It should be noted that the athlete was the expert who helped in the staging of scenes in the film. He told the artists how to depict famous basketball players.

Edeshko noted that the film almost coincides with the real events of the Olympic games in Munich. Basketball is fascinated with the tape and sees there implausible facts. “The film and the reaction to this film is sincere,” said Edeshko.

According to the athlete, the team working on the film “moving up”, we tried to shoot as close to reality movie. A criticism of the picture was just an invention of the tabloids.

Создатели фильма «Движение вверх» ответили на критику“Are there any specific people. Smart, professional PR people, they write so much negative about this film. Not as shown, not duplicated… But there are people who will judge you. And it is the folk movie,” said Edeshko.
Создатели фильма «Движение вверх» ответили на критику

According to the basketball player, the Soviet sportsmen were engaged in smuggling, as was shown in the picture. Many have even tried to put together a business on imported goods. Edeshko said that the famed champion Alexander Belov also tried to smuggle prohibited goods in the Soviet Union, because he was deprived of titles. The athlete said that coach Vladimir Kondrashin in the film are shown from the best side. Vladimir Mashkov, who played his role just slightly changed the image of the athlete. Widow of the famous basketball players spoke out against the movie “moving up”

Earlier, the widow of famous athletes Ovchinnikov Alexander (Belov) and Evgeniya Kondrashina opposed the release of the film “moving up”, who directed the film of Nikita Mikhalkov “Trite”. According to women, the film distorts the biographies of the athletes.

Actors “move up” in turn, was satisfied with his work. Artists believe that the film was a success. Kuzma Saprykin, for example, played a basketball player Ivan Edeshko, the young actor quickly found his prototype of a common language. Ryapolov and Alexander played the role of Eliana Zharmuhamedov. For the filming of the movie the actor tonsured hair and wore special lenses which had caused inflammation of the eye.

“I was pleased to hear the criticism, because too many good things have been said. To be honest, it is hard to get into the jungle that someone supposedly dissatisfied with something. Most importantly, we heard the reaction of “their” heroes and these people were happy,” – said Kuzma.
Создатели фильма «Движение вверх» ответили на критику

The film is directed by Anton Megerdichev confirmed to reporters that, in General, many Soviet players who played at the Olympics, was pleased with the film. The Creator of the picture said that all the key points consulted with athletes.

“With Edeshko. There have been consultations and Aliana by Zharmuhamedov. On the ground in Vilnius came Paulauskas. The actor who played him, especially communicated with Modestiam. Together they read the script. All the veterans were given the green light. They understood that the film will perpetuate them,” said Megerdichev.

The Director stressed that he personally talked with the widow of the coach Kondrashin (in the film the name was changed – there he Garanjin).

“Went for this, in Petersburg, one of the producers. The impression that we understood each other. Even changed it at her request,” said the filmmaker.

According to Megerdichev, the widow of coach Eugene Kondrashin did not read the script. For this reason, a woman spoke out against the film’s release. “Max wanted to show how Garanin asks Moses to sell abroad album with stamps to save money for an operation to his son. Decided that this is the right moment, which conveys the atmosphere of the Soviet Union. And Mashkov played the role of coach, he liked it. But the widow said against it. We have removed so as not to offend,” said the Director.

“I had the impression that when you talk to them one on one, they are normal and adequate. But suddenly formed around them, some helpers, and they begin to talk as a zombie,” – said Megerdichev, talking about dealing with Ovchinnikova and kondrachine.

The Director spoke about the changes that were made by the team working on the film. In his opinion, the creators took into account the wishes of basketball wives. For example, the coach Vladimir Kondrashin’s son George suffers from cerebral palsy. In real life, no operation would not have helped him. This was announced by the widow of coach Eugene. But the film shows that the boy can put on his feet, so Kondrashin trying to earn money for treatment of Jurassic.

“First, we changed the name of the son. And as a father. Secondly, if you are making a film legend, you have the right slightly to embellish. Where is the insult if you’re not talking about documentaries? When I left from contrasinal generally thought that the ice was broken: the producers agree to sign the documents that you can use real names. But he started to shoot, and it turned out that they became a hard clinch. In the end, during the shooting period changed the script to avoid legal attack,” said Megerdichev.

Megerdichev said that the film “moving up” based on the book the basketball player Sergei Belov, and Alexander. The Director believes that it is impossible to create a good film, taking into account the views of all relatives of the athletes.

“And script writing under the dictation of someone who does not compromise, does not understand the film and just screams weird postulates, impossible. The movie would not have appeared. Still somehow forget the main thing. The film was based on the book by Sergey Belov “move up”. Not relatives Alexander came with his book, and other people”, – said Anton Megerdichev in an interview

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