На создателей «Отряда самоубийц» подают в суд

Fans of “suicide Squad” waiting for the premiere of the film memorized all the trailers released as part of promotions, as dreamed of as soon as possible to dive into a world of madness and cartoon reality.

The premiere of the blockbuster took place last week. Despite such a long wait, the movie disappointed many people. Especially angry fans due to the fact that some of the scenes that were shown in the trailers, the film was not. “I drove 300 miles to London to see the specific scenes that were in trailers. And I never did. I spent a lot of money and wanted to see the movie for these scenes. They lied to me,” said the man, adding that he demanded to return him the money for the ticket but instead they received only ridicule in the face.

11 Aug disgruntled viewer is preparing to sue Warner Bros. and DC Comics to recover the money spent on the ticket and the way from Scotland, as well as moral damages the amount of which is not called.

“If you advertise something, kindly give me then exactly what you advertised,” concluded the Briton.

By the way, for the first weekend of the “suicide Squad” managed to earn in the Russian hire 711,3 million rubles. However, this amount was not enough to surpass the result of a different adaptation of the comic “Deadpool,” which has earned of 882, 2 million rubles.

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