The creators of James Bond have revealed who will play 007 in the new film

Создатели Бондианы раскрыли, кто сыграет агента 007 в новом фильме
The actor chosen to play bond, ready to sign the contract.

Daniel Craig


The creators of the franchise of James bond has finally
decided on the candidacy of actor title role in a new, 25-m account,
the film about the agent 007.

As said producer Barbara Broccoli,
daughter of albert Broccoli, the Creator of a series of adaptations of novels by Ian Fleming,
Bond will play again … Daniel Craig! This message was a big surprise for
all because two years ago, finished last for the fourth film about the superspy, with the participation of Daniel Craig
made a scandalous statement. “I’d rather slit my wrists than be back
to play bond!” — he said then. Daniel did not want to depart from them
the solution even after him, in the same 2015 year offered 150 million
dollars if he agrees to do more
in two films about the agent 007.

However, at the end of last year appeared the first
signs that Daniel began to doubt the correctness of his position. It
suddenly said in one of his interviews:
“Playing bond is the best job on Earth. This is one of the most exciting
roles that may accrue to any actor. And if I refuse it, then
know in advance that I will terribly miss my hero…” That made
Craig finally reconsider its position not reported. However, there are
rumors that the decision of the actor was affected by the recent positive experience with Barbara
Broccoli — though not in the movie and in the theater, when Daniel took part in the
Broadway production of “Othello”, where Barbara was the producer.

The decision of Craig brutally
disappointed at least three actors who claimed the role of bond,
nourished the hope that Daniel would give up on her. Neither Tom Hiddleston nor
Thomas hardy or Idris Elba now not destined to try on a suit 007.