The creators of “Good boy” making a movie about the harmful retired

Создатели «Хорошего мальчика» снимают фильм о вредном пенсионере
Started shooting a full length picture of “Sanaton”.

The main role in the new film from the producers of a “Good boy” will be performed
actor Mikhail Gomiashvili. Director of the project by Yevgeny shelyakin
(“Friday”, “B/B”, “About love. Only for adults”). Also in the picture are
involved Roza Khairullina, Vladimir Mishukov, Evgeniya Dmitrieva, Evgeny
Sangadjiev and famous Thai actors.

In the suburban Dolgoprudny filmed some initial scenes, where
the main character is planning his departure. The main effect of “Sanfona” will unfold in
Thailand, where the film crew and the actors will go in early Feb. At
the words of the producers, filming in Asia, will last until the end of March this year.

The plot tells of the strange adventure with the old man Xenophon. It
unknown woke up on a beach in Thailand far and nothing about
himself does not remember. And this is a great opportunity to start life with a clean slate.

Writer Konstantin Charmadov
wrote a script about his father. It is a fantasy son about how he wanted
his father spent the rest of his life.

The script of “Sanatana” was on the movie market
about ten years and received professional recognition in the international
pitching well before filming. The author has repeatedly offered to sell or
to implement, but he did not agree with the terms and conditions offered by the producers.
The writer in no case did not want to change the name and nationality of the protagonist.

“Sanaton” —
this film is about that life starts at any time, at any age – as
only you will decide. In the life of the protagonist is happened far after
sixty, when many people, especially in Russia, it seems that everything, here it is
the end, says producer Basil
Soloviev. And
a man accidentally gets into a whole other world and finds out that
it turns out that he is full of energy and able to move forward, to enjoy life. From
Director we with producers waiting for heartwarming Comedy, something in the spirit
reminiscent of French cinema and our old classic films.”

“Collision with a brand new
to our hero’s world we plan to send through the details and the little things: heat
coastal sand, the smells of Thai cuisine, the melody of speech in the local market, taste
the excitement of fishing, the joy of the mental unity of the two
different civilizations, which, without words and translations understand each other,”
— told the film’s Director Eugene