Создатели «Американской истории ужасов» выпустили 6 тизеров нового сезона

Fans of one of the most controversial, strange and frightening series of modernity “American horror story” make some popcorn for the next ten minutes, because the creators of this teleserie have prepared for you six teaser trailers of the new season.

As one would expect in the new season fans of telepractice waiting for something sinister, but no less interesting.

In the first movie before the audience gets a child’s cot, over which hangs a mobile of knife, sickle and other sharp metal objects. Judging by the ugly hand that reaches for the mobile in the crib rests not very cute baby.

In other teasers, a mysterious family with diabolically glowing eyes, scary mansion in the suburbs and many other horrors.

The premiere of the sixth season is scheduled for September of this year.

It is expected that the new “American horror story” will be Lady Gaga and other familiar characters.

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