The Creator of “Vlastiliny” repented before deceived people

Создательница «Властилины» покаялась перед обманутыми людьми In the early ‘ 90s, former cashier of the suburban Barber organized a financial pyramid. According to official data, the swindler Valentina Solovyova deceived investors in the amount of 500 billion rubles.
Создательница «Властилины» покаялась перед обманутыми людьми

In the early ‘ 90s Valentina Ivanovna Soloveva founded the firm “Vlastilina”. The woman cheated tens of thousands of people. The damage from actions of the swindler has made more than $ 500 billion, in 1994 her criminal business collapsed.

Valentina Solovyova came to the Studio of the program “actually” with Dmitry Shepelev. The swindler decided to repent before deceived her people, and to explain how he worked as a financial pyramid “Vlastilina”.

Firm Solovieva was selling at the low prices of cars, apartments and mansions, as well as taking deposits at high interest rates. On the program the woman admitted that she wanted to help people. She set a goal – to enrich the population. According to Valentina, she does not consider its business crime, although not denying that she was a patron of thieves and officials working in the White house.

“I helped all literally without exception. Why I had to refuse, if on their part the money goes. Everyone wanted to get rich and quickly,” the woman shared with experts and guests in the Studio.

According to the victims, Solovyov adored actors and often offered them a free car in exchange for advertising. As recognized by Yana Poplavskaya, she also fell for Valentina.

“I concessional bought a red “seven”. I through the grapevine reported that “Vlastilina” loves actors,” recalled the artist.

Expert Solovieva asked a number of questions that she gave false answers. The detector showed the woman repeatedly deceived the people, she really was in friendly relations with many criminal authorities. Valentina was often invited to “gatherings”.

“I had a 650 billion. They were agents of the firm “Vlastilina” – said Solovyov.

Crook said that he felt guilty only for not have been able to help people and did not save their invested money. “Do not be ashamed. Guilty that I still failed to protect the money and people. I’m sorry, it’s not just words, not just in front of you. My repentance was in the churches,” – said Solovyov. The swindler promised to visit the affected people who came to the program, in the suburbs and try to make amends.

At the end of the program, the woman said that while she was in prison, her husband died. According to the fraudsters, it’s punishment for her crimes.

“He was alone when I went in. He became addicted to vodka, tried to meet with me. I told him: “Lenya, divorce me,” – said Solovyov guests and experts talk shows. The man did not wait for Lyudmila Ivanovna and hanged himself.