Создатель фильма «Вечный зов» перенес серьезную операцию Doctors performed a complicated surgery on the carotid arteries. Now as Valery Uskov is estimated as stable. However, according to the wife of the film Director, during a surgical intervention having problems.
Создатель фильма «Вечный зов» перенес серьезную операцию

85-year-old Director Valery Uskov was in one of the capital’s hospitals with health problems. Today doctors performed a complicated surgery on the carotid arteries – the information was confirmed by the wife of a writer, Natalia Celonova.

Now the Creator of “the Eternal call” and “Two fates” is in intensive care. According to doctors, his condition is stable.

“Even ahead of the departure from the anesthesia, to say some certain things yet. But ended up like all is well, thank God,” said the wife of filmmaker.

Valery Uskov started his career in television and only then began to direct movies and TV shows. It turned out that he worked all his life in tandem with his second cousin Vladimir Krasnopolsky. They early lived in the same apartment and played. As recalled Uskov, the first makings of the Directors they were still in kindergarten.

“Figures they made themselves and showed “treasure Island”. Krasnopolsky has always played a positive role, and I was negative,” said the future Director of their puppet theatre.

One of the iconic works of the brothers was the painting “Eternal call”, filmed over 10 years. The film is based on the novel by Anatoly Ivanov. The story follows the life of a family Saveliev, immigrants from distant Siberian village. Tamara Degtyareva, who played the wife of Ivan Savelyev, a few years is a wheelchair user – in 2012, the year her leg was amputated. “I don’t know for what reasons after “Eternal call”, I have not acted anywhere else. Had some offer, which I refused. And then everything calmed down, my life passed by movie. I’m 8 months spent in the hospital, has twice been on the verge of life and death,” said the actress.

Other outstanding works Uskova steel projects “Shadows disappear at noon”, “Ermak”, “Father and son” and “Two fates”. To the delight of fans, he put on performances at the Moscow art theatre and other city theatres.

“The doctor who did it said that there were certain problems. We will wait, hope, pray”, – said Natalia Celonova channel “360”.