The Creator of “Life of PI” will not be directing the screen version of “Mulan”

Создатель «Жизни Пи» не будет режиссировать экранизацию «Мулан»

The author of such wonderful stories as “Life of PI” and “Brokeback mountain” doesn’t want to shoulder the animated film adaptation of the hit 1998 release called “Mulan”.

Today it became known that the main candidate for the Director of “Mulan” eng Lee refused to take up work on this project.

Now Disney will have to start searching again sensible filmmaker, capable of capturing high quality and beautiful history.

Note that the authors of the scenario the company has decided. They are Rick Jaffa and Amanda silver.

But the search for actors who should play the main role are still ongoing. It is known that preference is given to actors of Asian descent.

The premiere of the film “Mulan” to be held in November 2018, which means producers have more than enough time to piece together all the components.

Recall that in the film is based on a medieval Chinese poem about Hua Mulan, a woman who joined the ranks of the army, in order to save her father from this fate.