The Creator of “Enchanted” is ready to shoot a sequel of the series

Создатель «Зачарованных» готов снять продолжение сериала

Another sequel of the series…

Followed by the sequels “x-files” and “twin peaks”, the return of the series “Baywatch, however, in the full-length version, again we can see “Enchanted”.

Since the release of the latest series of Teleostei of the sisters-witch it’s been ten years. Noting on the eve of this date, series Creator brad Kern shared with the press the ideas of renewal.

Kern noted that at the moment to talk about the sequel soon, but in the near future, this possibility does not exclude. Brad has even thought through the plot of the new series “Charmed” in which the main acting characters are not the familiar sisters and their children.

“It was a wonderful series, and very soon the children of the main characters become adults. Definitely, I see this as an opportunity. Since the TV return everything else, why not return and true hit?” said showrunner press.

As you consider whether to take this step?

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