«Шальная императрица» уже не та: зрители негодуют из-за концерта Ирины Аллегровой
The singer is not impressed with the performance of the audience.

Irina Allegrova

Photo: Instagram.com

From Irina Allegrova turned away fans. The other day in the ice Palace the concert of “the crazy Empress”. In social networks, the audience expressed dissatisfaction with the performance of the 66-year-old star. The fans were waiting for Allegrova how to “ignite” on the stage, performing their old hits. But popular songs of Irina was played only hit “Hello Andrew!”. The rest of the concert was always busy new little-known compositions. Audience expectations did not materialize, and now they criticize a singer for the “disastrous” performance.

In social networks there were angry responses from audience members about the concert Allegrova. So, fans claim that many fans left the concert without waiting for the end. Others claim that Irina worked for a performance of “under plywood” and was not surprised people in the courtroom neither the show nor the costumes.

“The last half of the concert, people were up and gone! If you want to introduce new songs — so imagine them on television, to let people know that they are going to listen. The show did not exist. Changed once, and thank God. There is much to discuss”, “was Hoping to have the concert, but, alas, I looked around and the entire audience sits, asked around — everyone is waiting for the old happy songs. The concert is not bad, but wished it to be otherwise, People go to concert to listen to songs they know and love!” — writing fans Allegrova.

Simultaneously with these reviews in social networks appear and others to protect Allegrova. They are, however, much smaller. Those who have stood up for Irina, saying that the concert was declared lyric. So all claims not justified. Irina situation has not yet commented.