«Шальная императрица» Ирина Аллегрова сломала жизнь бывшему мужу

A former relative of Irina Allegrova has accused the singer that she screwed over her ex-husband.

Ex-sister-in-law, the singer gave an interview where he said that Irina is to blame for the fact that now the brother is in places not so remote.

Note that for a lattice Igor Cabbage (the former) got because found in his car drugs. Despite the fact that it happened many years after the separation of the pair, Galina is sure that if not for the parting with Allegrova, brother would have lived very differently: “she ruined his life. He had a beautiful profession: the brother has finished choreographic school, went with his team. But I succumbed, fool, at her words. He evidently fell in love with her ears. What happened, you know.”

That’s just what persuasion succumbed to male, Galina did not elaborate.

We will remind, Irina Allegrova broke up with Igor Kapusta, catch that cheating. However, after the break with the “Empress” Cabbage didn’t suffer alone. Soon Igor married, married and had a daughter. However, from prison the wife of the Cabbage never came.

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