Суд оставил без изменений решение о лишении Началовой водительских прав The artist dismissed the appeal. The lawyers of Yulia Nachalova tried to make the incident as a traffic violation was hushed up, however, the court ruled to leave the decision without change.

A few months ago, a famous singer Yulia Nachalova detained on the road for a traffic violation. The star did not want to be tested for alcohol content in blood, claiming that he was completely sober. Later, the star said she refused the procedure because scared of strange men surrounded her car.

“I opened the window, they never introduced themselves. Began to Shine in the eyes, demanded documents, he said, so I quickly got out of the car. I got scared and blocked the car. I didn’t understand real police or not. Right Park, left washing, construction site wood. Night. On the street do not drive cars, and no pedestrians. Suddenly narisovatj witnesses and the camera starts rolling,” recalled Nachalova event details.

Julia Nachalova took a lie detector after the scandal with the deprivation of rights

On the eve of 18 April, Dorogomilovsky court of Moscow issued a new decision. He dismissed the appeal of Nachalovo. The actress was not present at the meeting. Lawyers for the stars intend to appeal the decision.

Previously the PR Director Yulia Nachalova Anna Isaeva told that the singer’s lawyers are also fighting for the restoration of her good name. “The reputation of the actress Yulia Nachalova was dealt a huge blow. It was immediately dubbed almost an alcoholic and a drug addict, although this is an absolute lie. Julia works with two years, sings and performs, she has no time and desire to put away the alcohol. So in the coming days, the lawyers of Yulia will look for ways to restore the perfect image of Nachalovo as an artist,” – said the agent to the stars.

Lately Lilah has and bigger problems. The star is struggling with gout, which sometimes progresses and gives her discomfort. She hides her hands with the bumps under your gloves. “The first time I experienced this eight years ago. But due to the fact that I’ve left it too late, she has progressed. In principle, I am guilty that have lasted until this period that it became impossible to endure. I called migratory gout: it is where want, there and there” – shared Nachalova in one of the programs. Disease Yulia Nachalova led to disastrous consequences