The court sentenced the killer bass player of “lube” to a prison term

Суд приговорил убийцу бас-гитариста «Любэ» к тюремному сроку Maxime Good, charged with the death of Pavel Usanov, got the verdict. In addition, the offender shall pay a fine in the amount of 700 thousand rubles. The actor got in a fight provoked by a man in one of the institutions of the Moscow region. The doctors were unable to save the life of a musician.
Суд приговорил убийцу бас-гитариста «Любэ» к тюремному сроку

The court sentenced Maxim Kind, accused of the murder of the bass player of group “lube” Pavel Usanov, to imprisonment for a period of 1 year and 9 months. In addition, man is obliged to pay a large sum of money. Because during the investigation Maxim was under arrest, the judge counted each day for two days of restriction.

Last year a member of the group “lube” was beaten in the bar of the Istra district of Moscow region. The man received serious injuries. After 17 days, despite all efforts of doctors who performed the operation of craniotomy, the man died.

Initially a suspect in the beating of Maksim Usanov Good denied his guilt. But his involvement has proven record from CCTV cameras and eyewitness testimony. One of the TV channels reported that the killer musician received less than two years of imprisonment.

Суд приговорил убийцу бас-гитариста «Любэ» к тюремному сроку

We will remind, at the farewell ceremony organized by the family of the deceased, came the leader of group “lube” Nikolay Rastorguev, actors Andrey Merzlikin and Anastasia Melnikova, producer Igor Matvienko, and Kirill Andreev from “Ivanushki International”. Paul was only 40 years old, he left a wife and two children. The match calmed the inconsolable mother of a dead musician and had supported the widow Usanova.

It should be noted, Paul came to a group of “lube” in place of the deceased in 1996 in a car accident a bass guitarist. Nikolay Rastorguev was then considered that the death of a member of the team has misticheskie signs.

“Now it is difficult to find any words because this is terribly unfair, for us it is very serious loss. He told us was a very dear man. Worked with us very much – 20 years. And this is some freaky shit going on. He died one day with him Kuleshov, he also died on April 19. Roofing died seven years ago,” – said the leader of group Nikolay Rastorguev.

Widow bass player “lube” spoke openly about the tragedy

Anatoly Kuleshov was a backup vocalist and choirmaster in the team for 20 years. At Easter in 2009, he returned from service and was in a car accident. Earlier similar death overtook and bass-guitarist Alexander Nikolaev. “Incredible stories,” said Rastorguev reporters.

Guilty of murder Usanova will also pay a fine of 700 thousand rubles, reports “Ren-TV”.