Суд обязал Тимати и Егора Крида выплатить по 20 тысяч Timothy and Egor Krid suffered financial losses because of not authorized a concert by them about a month ago in the center of Moscow. The artists personally appeared in court, where each was fined 20 thousand rubles.
Суд обязал Тимати и Егора Крида выплатить по 20 тысяч

The scandal involving Timothy and Yegor creed that erupted at the end of June, 1 August, logically ended in the building of the Tver court. Here the musicians arrived to personally defend their point of view on the controversial issue.

Recall that during the presentation of a new business project Timothy and Egor Krid staged an impromptu concert on the roof of the car directly on the street Big Dmitrovka. Many local residents complained that because the event was blocked passage, and the crowd of fans prevented people to go the usual route.

Human rights activist Alexander Kaminsky immediately drew attention to the illegal actions of the musicians, becoming the initiator of the administrative case. In the end, Timothy was ordered to pay a fine of 20 thousand rubles.

He Huminski were completely satisfied with the results of the court.

“I am fully satisfied with the decision rendered by the court. I’m not satisfied with the behavior of Timothy. With regard to the appointment by the court of a fine, not community service or arrest for up to 15 days – no one wanted “blood.” In any case, the court established that the composition took place. The contractor was found guilty. But who or what prevented the citizen Yunusov look in the eyes of the public a normal person and a citizen? Could instead of the cheap bravado Instagram to say in court that, say, wanted as better, did not take into account the possible socially dangerous consequences, and it turned out the way it did. It would demonstrate at least minimal respect for people, his fault locked in hours-long traffic jam”, — told the “StarHit” Alexander Kaminski.

Earlier, Alexander noted that article 20.2 “Breach of established order of organizing or holding meetings, rallies, demonstrations, marches and pickets” provides several options for punishment including a fine of up to 20 thousand rubles, 100 hours administrative work or arrest for a duration of 15 days. In the end, the court gave preference to the lightest measure.

“Today’s decision of the Tver district court of Moscow is, I hope, a clear signal for anyone who believes that “above them only space.” There seems to be such a fine of 20 thousand to Timothy? But the penalty is the sentence of the court – it does not mean “pay and fly”. Personal data will forever remain a mark on the accountability. It is important when issuing visas to USA, UK and many other countries. Even to stand in deputies, when the person is “hanging”, albeit suppressed, the conviction is difficult,” said Alexander.

Timothy commented on the arrest for 15 days

Timothy himself did not admit guilt. The rapper noted that his speech lasted only seven minutes, and the car has a roof and a concert, was parked so as not to interfere with traffic. According to the artist, fans quickly left the area of Bolshaya Dmitrovka, where the event took place, and it was in a great mood.

But Alexander Kaminski claims stars do not agree. The human rights activist noted that it is not sanctioned by the concert, especially performed in the period of the world Cup has created a lot of inconvenience to common citizens.

Anyway, the judgement, according to Kaminskogo, should once again showcase the stars that despite their status, the laws are the same for all.