Суд обязал Николая Фоменко вернуть банку почти 65 миллионов

And the business went bankrupt, and the Bank needs money… Nikolay Fomenko lost the court case, which dealt with compensation in the amount of 64 million rubles.

The situation was as follows: the claim about collecting from the actor, musician and host such a large sum was filed last summer, but the trial is still ongoing.

Despite the fact that the representatives of the Bank requires repayment of the debt, the lawyers for the defendant claim that he to extinguish the debt should not, for the simple reason that the contract for a loan in the amount of 60 million rubles was concluded, however, the money he had received. Moreover, they refute the information that in the documents signed by TV presenter, because those numbers that are specified in the contract, he was abroad. As evidence of the defendants showed the stamps of the passport.

However, despite all the attempts of the defendant to prove innocence of the client, the Tver court of Moscow ordered the TV presenter Nikolai Fomenko to return the debt to the Bank “Petrocommerce” (currently the Bank “FC Opening”) that issued the credit for the development of the sports car Marussia almost 65 million rubles.

“Seek solidarity with Fomenko and Kolesnikova 64 647 million 934 thousand rubles 24 kopecks,” the judge said Lyubov Vinogradova. The appeal must be filed within one month after the announcement of the decision.

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