Суд может обязать Нюшу вернуть 19 миллионов рублей The singer must pay compensation to the representatives of the Academy of Miracles.” Nyusha is not going to admit guilt and changed the team of lawyers that they helped her to understand the situation. Star believes that justice will prevail.

      Суд может обязать Нюшу вернуть 19 миллионов рублей

      Recently the singer received a complaint from a member of “the Academy of Wonders”. They require that 25-year-old singer has paid more than 19 million rubles of compensation for damages.

      “Nyusha was to take part in our musical “Peter pan” – says the “StarHit” producer and once a friend of artist Arthur Shachnev. But after an advertising campaign, brought scenery, sold the tickets, she began to violate the terms of the contract. A few weeks before the premiere ceased to appear at rehearsals, referring to employment, and in fact his behavior hinted that he wants a greater fee. When patience is exhausted, we terminated the contract. At the end of 2015 had already proved the guilt of Nyusha in the disruption of the project: the court ordered her to return the paid advance payment of 500 thousand rubles. Then I warned that this is not the last court. Now we have calculated all costs, damages, and filed a new lawsuit”.

      Суд может обязать Нюшу вернуть 19 миллионов рублей

      Manager of singer Denis Vorobyov explained that Shachnev he violated the conditions, “He tried pushing himself and not the event, not have agreed to the publication of articles not warned in time about the filming and interviews, and five days before the payment of the regular fee terminated the contract”.

      To plead guilty Nyusha is not going to be challenged as the old decision of the court and another lawsuit.

      “All their claims are unfounded. Of course, 500 thousand no return, the decision was made in the absence of many documents – says “StarHit” Irina Grishina lawyer of the singer. – By the way, the money for the purchased tickets, the audience is still not given. Just last week we were able to prosecute a third person, which has never appeared. This company ordered “the Academy of Wonders”, the musical, funded the project. From the accounts of firms Sachdeva is not even a statement about where the money goes, and the only copies, some without signatures.”

      Nyusha she is trying not to take to heart the actions Sachdeva – now she’s preparing for the concert in Crocus City Hall. “I’m sure justice will prevail regardless of the desire of some to shift the responsibility for the breakdown of the event on decent people – shared it with “StarHit”.

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